Best Microphones For Percussion In 2022

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Percussion instruments are those that create music when you strike them. Drums, bells, and xylophones are some of the musical instruments that fall under this category. When buying a microphone that can work perfectly with such instruments, you need to pick one that is of the highest quality, one that has an internally fixed pop filter. Percussion microphones also have to have a low sound pressure level, considering that instruments of this kind are not noisy per se.

Additionally, selecting an amplifier that is compatible with both computers and smartphones powered by various operating systems would be perfect. Before we delve into the in-depth review of the best mics for percussion instruments, let us first peruse through some of our best picks, highlighting their most prevalent aspects.

OUR TOP PICK – Sennheiser E609

Sennheiser E609

The mic that takes center stage in this review is the Sennheiser E609. First of all, it has a super-cardioid polar pattern, a feature that ensures your drumset does not pick up overspill sounds from other instruments on the stage. More so, the mic has a hum compensation coil, which is responsible for getting rid of any electrical interference from the electric current.

The microphone can work in any environmental condition, thanks to a neodymium ferrous magnet that stabilizes it regardless of the weather. Best of all, the amplifier comes in a lateral shape, which makes it unnecessary for the user to find a clip. As long as you have a speaker cabinet, you can hang the mic from it, and play your drums effortlessly.

Top 5 Best Microphones for Percussion

If you’re a musician or you run a music studio, you know the importance of choosing the right microphone for the job. Considering that the mic will be used to record low to medium levels of sound, you may want to consider getting one with the minimum sound pressure level. This is because mics with a high SPL may not recognize sounds that are lower than 30dB. Percussion mics also need to have strong stands or clips, which help secure them in place as you play your instrument.

And while the overall longevity of the microphones matters, you also have to consider other properties such as self-noise reduction. Automatically, you’re bound to hear some unwanted hums and pops that are as a result of electrical interference and other environmental factors. If you can get a microphone that neutralizes such noises, then you will have a great studio session. Here is a more detailed explanation of the mics mentioned above that may help you pick the best microphone for your instrument.

Sennheiser E609

Sennheiser E609

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The Sennheiser E609 is the epitome of convenience since it noise reduction properties, it retains its stability throughout its lifetime, and it is sturdy. In addition to this the microphone also boasts of:

Quick Summary

  • Super-cardioid pick-up pattern
  • High-quality metallic body construction
  • Stable internal parts
  • Up to 6000Hz frequency response
  • Hum compensating coil

Why is this a top-pick?

Noise reduction properties

Whether you’re in a studio or you have a live performance on stage, your microphone will get interceptions from the electric current passing through it. The downside of this is that the mic produces a hum that waters down the quality of your audio. However, the Sennheiser E609 has a hum compensating coil that neutralizes the effect of the current, which in turn results in a clean sound.

A medium response

When it comes to instruments, especially drums, the lower the frequency response, the better the service. This microphone, for instance, has a frequency response that starts at 3hz and can extend up to 6000hz. The extended response allows the mic to pick even the lowest-pitched sounds effortlessly.


Some microphones are known to lose their balance over time, which causes the quality of the music to go down. With this one, however, you get to enjoy consistency thanks to the boron packed neodymium ferrous magnet. This tool keeps the microphone in check during all seasons so that it does not lose its unique sound.

Super-cardioid pick up pattern

At times, musicians may have to share a tight space with other instrument players. And in such cases, the chances of attracting overspills from other instruments are high. But, a microphone that operates using a super-cardioid pattern singles out your instrument’s melody, while muffling sounds from other devices.

High-grade metallic construction

The outer case is a sturdy metallic piece that holds everything together in place. More so, this cover protects the microphone’s core from destruction, considering that the mic is used to amplify loud instruments.

Zaxsound Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone

ZaxSound Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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From the unique shape to its high compatibility with several devices and its dual connectivity options, this microphone has it all. Additional features include:

Quick summary

  • High noise sensitivity
  • Dual connectivity options
  • Compatible with most PC’s
  • External 6 feet cable
  • Comes with a tripod stand

Why is this a top-pick?

Highly sensitive to noise

Considering that this ZaxSiund microphone has a high affinity for sound, it is best used together with percussion instruments that have higher pitches. So, the tambourine, xylophone, triangle, and cymbal would work perfectly with this device.

Two power connectivity options

This mic boasts of two connectivity options. You can either connect this device to a computer thanks to the USB cable or utilize the 3.5mm jack plug to link this item to your smartphone or tablet. A 3.5mm TRRS jack pin is also part of this package.

Compatible with several devices

Whether you want to record your instrument using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, this microphone allows you to do so. Better yet, it can effortlessly connect to devices that are powered by several operating systems. Your work is to plug it into your desired machine and begin recording.

External 6-foot cable

When you’re playing an instrument, it is necessary to distance yourself from your computer, for obvious reasons. With a six feet long cord, you can achieve this quickly.

Has a tripod stand

If you’re working on a personal project at home that only requires basic hardware, then this tripod stand will come in handy. Once you finish setting up the mic, you can hold it in place with the help of this item. However, considering that the stand is short, you will have to place it on a table for convenience’s sake.

Akg Acoustic Drum Set Concert Microphone

AKG Acoustic Drum Set Concert Microphone

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If you’re looking for a mic that offers you value for your money, this AKG Acoustic drum set is it. You get a comprehensive kit with full range microphones, as well as the following:

Quick summary

  • Comprehensive microphone kit
  • Travel friendly
  • Quick to set up
  • Mics for every instrument
  • High-quality build

Why is this a top-pick?

All rounded mic kit

This package comes with bass, full range, and cardioid dynamic mics. Each microphone has its XLR cable and a cable tie. More so, the box has stand adapters, a cleaning kit, and an aluminum rod storage case. To top this up, you also get three years of warranty.

Travel friendly

There is no need to look for a case to store your mics since this drum set has its aluminum storage box. The case has foam in the inside, which is essential in cushioning the contents. Additionally, the case has flexible handles that come in handy when you want to carry it around.

Easy to set up

Considering that the microphone uses the XLR connection option, setting up the set is quite easy. Once you find the suitable stands for each mic, you only have to connect the mics to a power source and begin using them. These do not require any special software to configure them to any machine or instrument.

Mics for every instrument

Whether you want a mic for percussion, vocals, or stringed instruments, you have each of these at your disposal. The concert drum set has seven microphones that you can use for various purposes. More so, each comes with the relevant stand adapters, which make it easy for the user to set up the stage for a performance.

Top-notch construction

One of the features about this microphone set that stand out is the outward appearance. The mic’s outer casing is made out of heavy-duty metal, to ensure that it lasts long. In case any of the microphones fall, the metallic cover is there to safeguard the inner components from damage.

Shure Pga56 Xlr Tom Microphone

Shure PGA56 XLR Tom Microphone

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Even though this mic is the best bargain amongst this group, it has some pretty cool features that make it enjoyable to use. Some of them include:

Quick summary

  • Swivel joint and quick-release latch
  • Mic cartridge design
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Two connectivity options
  • Latest Shure microphone design

Why is this a top-pick?

Swivel joint

You do not have to move the stand from side to side as you try to find the perfect angle to place your microphone. This is because the mic has a swivel joint that allows you to position it in the perfect and comfortable angle. More so, it has a quick-release latch that makes it easier for you to adjust the microphone quickly.

Microphone cartridge design

The cartridge design is known for its precise noise production properties. The electric vibrations pass through the coil to create a highly defined sound.

Cardioid polar pattern

The cardioid pick-up model is solely responsible for keeping environmental noise from interfering with your recording session. The microphone is sensitive at the frontal area, and less responsive on the sides and rear ends. So, whenever you share the recording space with other instrumentalists, the mic muffles the spillover from their gadgets, thereby prioritizing your instrument.

Two connectivity provisions

You can connect your microphone to varying sources of power, depending on what you have in the studio. So, if you have male-female XLR cables, you can use the provided cable to bring the mic to life. However, if your machines work using a jack pin, you can also use the available cord for the relevant purpose.

Attractive Shure mic design

This microphone is made using the latest Shure mic design. Not only is it beautiful, but the outer cover keeps the core’s essentials from getting damaged.

Sennheiser E604 Dynamic Cardioid Mic

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Sennheiser E604 Dynamic Cardioid Mic

Lastly, we have this dynamic microphone, which offers a secure grip to its users. You also get to enjoy clean, unaltered sound thanks to its cardioid polar pattern. More speculations include:

Quick summary

  • Maximum sound pressure level
  • Rugged clip for the ultimate grip
  • Low impact sensitivity
  • Swiveling body for easy positioning
  • Perfect for percussion

Why is this a top-pick?

High SPL

Any mic that has a low sound pressure level is susceptible to producing distorted sounds. With this Sennheiser E604, however, you get to enjoy clear music every time you hit the studio, thanks to its 150dB frequency response.

Rugged grip

The microphone has a rugged drum clip that offers a secure grip on the instrument. Once you clip the mic to your instrument, you are assured that the mic will stay in place until you dislodge it after the session.

Low self-noise impact

Any time you connect the mic to a power socket, the electric current produces a hum that has the potential of ruining the quality of your audio. However, this mic is A-weighted to ensure that the self-noise is neutralized.

Swiveling body

If you want to focus the microphone on a particular drum, you can do so effortlessly with the help pf this gadget’s rotating body. You can move it from one side to the other quickly without using too much effort.

Perfect for percussion

All the properties above make this gadget the perfect fit for percussion instruments. The small body makes the mic ideal for hooking to any instrument. More so, this microphone produces a smooth sound.


The quality of sound your instrument produces relies heavily on the type of microphone that you choose. When it comes to percussion, you do not have to source for microphones that have a high sound pressure level. The reason for this is that percussion instruments do not produce high-pitched sounds. If you can get anything that is in the lower range, it would work perfectly for you.

More so, find a mic that’s of superior quality. You don’t want to keep replacing such instruments since it becomes costly in the long run. If you are limited in resources, you can still find budget mics that produce impeccable sound.

Most importantly, ensure that the amplifier you select has a warranty, especially if you’ll be spending hundreds of dollars on it. A warranty cushions you from incurring additional costs if you discover that yours has a few defects and needs repairs or replacement. Finally, remember to buy a microphone that you can mount easily on your percussion instrument.

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