Best Microphones For Screaming In 2022

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Screaming is a genre of music that entails belting out vocals at the highest range. Naturally, not every microphone can handle extremely high vocals. When choosing a mic for this genre, you have to consider several factors. For example:

  • How loud is the singer
  • Is the singer playing an instrument
  • Will they hold the mic or are they going to use a stand
  • What is the song’s composition (melody or speech)
  • Is it a performance or a recording

Once you answer these queries, you get to know what your needs are, making it easier for you to make a decision.

OUR TOP PICK – Shure Sm7b Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Top on the list is this microphone by Shure. It stands out because it has plenty of appealing features that make it essential for screaming. First of all, the mic has a wide frequency range that starts at 50hz and can extend up to 20,000hz, which is great for capturing very high sound decibels. The device performs with the help of a cardioid polar pattern, which means that it is highly directional.

As is the case with most other cardioid dynamic mics, the Shure SM7B is very sensitive to noise, thanks to its relatively big diaphragm. In addition to this, positioning the microphone is an easy task now that it comes with a yolk mount.


Whether you’re a speech or musical screamer, you have to choose a microphone that compliments your voice. One aspect that stays constant in both instances is that your need to select a mic that has a significantly high sound pressure level. This feature is critical in keeping your voice audible whenever you use the microphone.

Other features that take precedence when shopping for a screamer’s mic are the quality of the materials used, sensitivity, and noise reduction properties. More so, you may have to consider the directional character, an aspect that is determined by the number of people or instruments you want to use at one go. So, let us delve deeper into the mics review and see the benefits you’ll enjoy when you buy one of these.

Shure Sm7b Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

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Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

If you’re looking for a mic that has a wide frequency range, a professional look, and isolates your voice from others in the room, this should be your first pick.

Quick summary

  • A noise-reduction internal air suspension
  • Bass roll-off
  • Yoke mounting
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Replaceable cartridge

Whether you want to use it for concerts or recordings, this mic works perfectly in all cases, thanks to its character and excellent noise reduction properties.

Why is this a top-pick?

Cardioid pattern

When it comes to specificity, this microphone is a pro at it. It singles out the singer’s voice at the same time, silencing that of others in the surroundings. The mic is more sensitive at the front and less responsive on the sides and back end. The exciting bit is that amidst all that, this microphone does not compromise on the quality of the sound.

Internal air suspension

This internal shock isolation feature allows the mic to get rid of mechanical noise. As such, you do not have to worry about unwanted hums ruining the quality of the sound every time you want to perform or record a song.

Bass roll-off

Most, if not all, screamers usually want their music to sound louder. However, at times you will find that the bass effect is significantly higher than what many would want to hear. In such cases, the low bass tones create unwanted noise. For this reason, the bass roll-off switch was created. It helps to neutralize the excess bass in your audio and achieve a high sound profile.

Yoke mounting

Say goodbye to the days of constantly moving the microphone from one side to the other as you try to find the perfect position. You can quickly secure the mic in one spot thanks to the yoke mount. If you feel that the mic is too high, you have the liberty of moving it further down to fit your height.

Replaceable cartridge

Are you afraid that you may have damaged your cartridge? Well, you can keep your worries aside and get a replacement for it. You can visit the manufacturer’s page and get yourself an RMP106, fix it on the mic and continue making music.

Agk Pro Audio C214

AGK Pro Audio C214

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The AGK Pro is one of the mics that have character. It has plenty of attractive features that come in handy in different scenarios. Take a look at what you get to enjoy when you get this device.

Quick Summary

  • Perfect for both vocals and instruments
  • A dynamic range of up to 156dB
  • Bass-roll of at 20dB
  • Minimal mechanical noise
  • Shock-resistant metallic finish

From the concert to the studio, or out in the wind, this microphone works perfectly in all settings.

Why is this a top-pick?


We know that metal rock stars love to sing as they play their instrument. If you are one of those who are fond of doing this, you can enjoy your singing sessions thanks to this mic’s multifunctionality. Thanks to the high -frequency range, this item can handle both instrument and vocal noises effortlessly.

Up to 157dB frequency range

How loud do you think you can get? Whatever your scale is, you cannot beat this microphone’s frequency limit. It can detect sounds that are as high as 156dB. As such, it gives you a broad scope of frequency to play around with, without the fear of ruining the sound quality.

Bass roll-off switch

Music-making comes with some challenges, such as unwanted overspill sounds. In times when you feel that there are low-toned noises that may potentially mess up with your audio, you are welcomed to use the bass roll-off switch. Once you do this, the mic stops detecting any sounds that are 20dB or lower.

Self-noise reduction properties

You can attract self-noise in various ways. Either through handling the mic regularly or via the electric current that creates a hum. The effect of such noise can be significant, which is why this microphone has noise reduction properties. At the end of the session, you only get to hear the voices and sounds that you want.


One of the items that contribute to shock is the wind. And in case you are one who likes to hold on to the mic as you belt out your highest cords, you can also contribute to this effect. However, thanks to the shock-resistant cover, you can grab the microphone or take it for a spin outside and still achieve a clean, clear sound.

Neumann U87 Ai Set

Neumann U87 AI Set

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This Neumann U87 AI is the true definition of a convenient and resourceful. It has several directional characters and comes with handy hardware. Other perks of using it include:

Quick summary

  • Double membrane capsule
  • Three directional characteristics
  • Comprehensive mic set
  • A significantly large-diaphragm
  • High SPL of 127dB

Why is this a top-pick?

Dual membrane capsule

While a single membrane produces a clear sound, two of them do a stellar job. You get to experience a refined product, thanks to these two diaphragms. More importantly, these membranes give the mic character, in that you get to choose from a variety of polar patterns to utilize whenever you’re in the studio.

Multiple directional characters

A microphone that has several directional characteristics allows you to utilize it fully. The Neuman U87 AI, for instance, has three of these. So, you can manipulate the settings to achieve your desired effects, allowing you to sing individually or with a group of other singers.

Comprehensive set

You get a full package when you buy this mic. It comes in a heavily padded case for security purposes. More so, you get a mic stand, cable, and a windscreen. This hardware comes in handy when you want to use the mic since they enhance its productivity, making it more efficient.


A large diaphragm is essential in capturing a broader spectrum of sound waves. What this means is that you get to hear little to no background noise. What’s more, the large membrane in this mic can effortlessly wade off self-noise, which is a result of the electric current.

High SPL

Screaming is one of the music genres that are typically loud. Using a regular microphone would mean that sounds above 90dB appear as distorted music. However, this Neumann U87 AI has a significantly high sound pressure level that scales up to 127dB. Therefore, it can handle loud noises and still offer good-quality sounds.

Audio Technica At 4040

Audio Technica AT 4040

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Who says you have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a superior quality mic? Audio Technica AT 4040 offers almost the same attractive features at a low price. Some of its cool properties include:

Quick summary

  • Transformerless circuitry
  • Highly stable and sensitive
  • A large-diaphragm
  • Polarized exterior
  • State of the art construction

Why is this a top-pick?

Transformerless circuitry

In place of a bass roll-off switch, this mic has a transformerless chip. What this means is that the microphone automatically cuts off sounds that are below 10dB, noises that are known to create hums and that reduce the quality of your music.

Sensitive and very stable

This mic has one polar character, which is the cardioid pattern. The feature makes the microphone more sensitive to sounds that come from the frontal region. Consequently, any noise coming from the rear end does not receive any airplay. So, you can scream into the mic without worrying about external interference.


The large membrane comes in handy when it comes to noise reduction. It can absorb more sound waves, therefore reducing the number of free radicals left unused. Eventually, it results in smooth unadulterated sound.

Polarized design

This microphone has a polarized design that makes it uniquely convenient. The exterior, for instance, has a mesh that allows the sound waves to penetrate quickly, while at the same time covering and shielding the membrane from damage.

Great construction

One thing that is consistent with this microphone is the state of the art construction. Every piece is intricately put together to create a long-lasting device. More so, the mic’s construction conforms to Technica’s strict pattern to ensure that it lasts for long and that it stays relevant to screamers and instrument players.

Sennheiser Skm Avx-835s-4

Sennheiser SKM AVX-835S-4

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A portable mic will allow you to perform fiercely without minding about the constraints that come with using corded mics. In addition to that, you also enjoy the following perks.

Quick summary

  • Automatic audio control
  • XLR audio output and input
  • Powered using lithium batteries
  • Handheld mic
  • Plug and play

Why is this a top-pick?

Audio controls

How loud or low you sound when screaming into the mic is determined by the microphone. It has an automatic audio control option that regulates the sound, ensuring that the music output is balanced. This way, you do not have to fumble about trying to look for an audio control to reduce or increase the volume.

XLR power options

A microphone that works using an XLR connection is said to be a powerful one because it won’t lose its stability halfway through the recording session. You will enjoy a robust and consistent power supply, which in turn translates to a clear sound, that’s error-free.


No electricity? You don’t need to stress yourself over the matter. Simply find two lithium batteries that you can use to jump-start the mic to life. This is in addition to the XLR connectivity option. These batteries allow you to go wireless. More so, you can always recharge them once they run out of power.

Handheld device

If you’re performing live on stage, the convenience of a wireless microphone is unmatched. It allows you to move about the auditorium without worrying about tripping on the cables. And considering that it has extended range leverage, you can interact with the audience and still maintain the connection.

Plug and play

The only thing that you need to do is connect the microphone to a power source and start using it. If you want to use the wireless option, you just have to sync it with the body pack before you start singing. Even so, this device is a standard plug-and-play item that gives you an easy time.


It is evident that when you are searching for a screaming microphone, you need to look for one that has the maximum sound pressure level. One more feature that is essential when selecting such mics is the overall construction.

This aspect determines how long your microphone will last. Most importantly, buy a mic that has several character patterns. This way, you can interchange whenever you want to include or exclude an instrument or singer into the set.

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