Best Microphones For Recording Rap Vocals

Best Microphones For Recording Rap Vocals

Rap music is among the most popular genres of music globally. Both religious and secular artists have taken an interest in creating this kind of music. Fans that love this genre praise it for its profound messages that impact them immensely. Unlike other songs, rap is not melodious per se. The artist speaks out words … Read more

Best Noise Cancelling Microphones In 2023

Best Noise Cancelling Microphones

A good microphone is a worthy investment, whether you are a recording artist, a call center agent, or a podcaster. Unfortunately, background noise from the environment around you can distort the quality of sound or hinder communication between you and listeners. The Comparison Table It may be possible to eliminate background noise in the editing … Read more

Best Microphones For Ham Radio In 2023

Best Microphones For Ham Radio

Ham radios are popular with hobbyists and emergency services. Normally, most Ham radios come with their receivers. However, you may struggle with the quality of sound the radio transmits, especially if you lean towards purchasing a cheaper ham radio version. Therefore, to work around this problem, you may have to consider purchasing a good-quality microphone. … Read more

The Best Budget Microphones For Gaming


Gaming is a pastime activity, which both the young and older adults enjoy. It gets even more exciting if you play with your friends. You get to scream, yell at them, converse or hum to your best soundtrack as you wait for the next round to load. However, gaming requires your hands to be free … Read more

Best Wireless Headset Microphones For Church

Best Wireless Headset Microphones For Church

Churches are some of the world’s biggest consumers of wireless headset microphones. They have so many activities going on within the sanctuary, that it would only be logical to find wireless headsets that allow the sound to reach the furthest corner of the room without interfering with other frequencies within the airspace. And considering that … Read more

Best USB Microphones In 2023

Best USB Microphones

USB mics are becoming an invaluable tool for professionals on the go. They have become so popular because of their convenience. They have simple plug-and-play connectivity with built-in preamps as well as internal analog to digital converters. Therefore, one does not need to buy a lot of equipment to get high-quality recordings on a computer, … Read more

Best Over The Ear Microphones 2023

Best Over The Ear Microphones

Gone is the era when event hosts and speakers used to hold bulky microphones while addressing congregations. Thanks to technology, smaller but equally dynamic microphones have graced the market. These wireless devices amplify your voice and connect wirelessly to your sound system with the help of UHF, VHF, or Wifi connections. In case you are … Read more

Best Microphones For Metal Vocals In 2023

Best Microphones For Metal Vocals

If you are a music producer, you understand the need to find microphones that suit the varying genres of music. Metal rock, for instance, is a genre that’s characterized by constant screaming, shouting, and squealing. As such, any producer who wants to venture into this kind of production should select mics that have a high … Read more

Best Microphone Isolated Shield In 2023

Best Microphone Isolated Shield In 2022

You may have heard of isolation shields, but you have no idea what purpose they serve. What exactly are they? And why are they important? In a short explanation, they are long and wide blocks of foam material, which producers use in the studio to block unwanted sounds from interfering with the audio. In most … Read more