Neumann U47 Vs U87 Microphone Review

Georg Neumann GmbH, famously known as the Neumann, is a German organization that was established in 1928. Over the years, it has accomplished practically renowned status as one of the leading microphone makers all over the world. Neumann’s microphones are recognized for their rich sound, extraordinary detail, and fantastic depth. The Comparison Table Microphones have … Read more

Rode Nt1 Vs. Nt1a: How Do They Compare

As a recording artist or an expert in the Audio production industry, you must have come across one of these two Rode Microphones: the Rode NT1 and the Rode NT1A. Rode has built a reputable brand in the audio recording industry, most notably as the perfect brand for entry-level mics. Both mics are built to comfortably cater to … Read more

Blue Snowball Vs Blue Yeti In 2022

Blue Snowball Vs Blue Yeti

As you prepare your podcasting or you-tube gear, one essential item that you should pay close attention to is to have a good quality microphone. As audio options continue to grow in popularity, there is a considerable number of options that you can choose to use. Among the options, one microphone brand stands out due … Read more

Mxl-770 Vs. Mxl-990 Comparison


MXL is an established brand that has been in the microphone manufacturing domain for more than two decades. The brand has a huge inventory of premium microphones. Now, if you choose to use the MXL brand, it’s inevitable the microphone decision would at some point come down to MXL 770 or MLX 990. BRIEF OVERVIEW … Read more

Sennheiser Me2 Vs Me4


Sennheiser Electronic GmbH is a Germany held audio firm specializing in the production of high-fidelity products such as microphones. Centrally placed in Wedemark, the company is represented in about 50 countries across the world. Since its establishment in 1945, the brand has become one of the leading microphone manufacturers internationally. While their products are somewhat … Read more

Rode k2 VS Neumann U87


When shopping for a high quality microphone, Rode and Neumann are two companies that come to mind. Both Rode and Neumann have been in the microphone manufacturing domain for a long time, and they’re famed for their quality microphones. That said, we shall pit tow of their popular microphones against each other. This comparison guide … Read more

Razer Seiren Vs Seiren Pro


Razer Inc, a global gaming hardware manufacturing firm, is situated in Irvine, California. The company started in1998 and has since become the leading developer of high-end computer gaming mouse. Now, if you are a game streamer or a professional Youtuber , then you’ve obviously heard about Razer Seiren and Razer Seiren Pro. These are the … Read more

Shure Sm57 Vs. Sm58 Detailed Comparison

Both the Shure SM57 and the SM58 are popular microphones and are handy applications from studios to live presentations. There are relatively few differences between the Shure SM57 and SM58. In general, the two receivers are very similar; in fact, they are practically indistinguishable. While the Shure SM57 is designed for artists, the SM58 is … Read more

Which Pick-Up Pattern Is Best For Picking Up Sound Equally From All Directions?


Every microphone has some sort of directionality. Directionality refers to the sensitivity microphone to sound from different directions. Microphones pick up sound from one direction, all directions, or a particular combination of directions. We can classify these directional properties into 3 primary categories: unidirectional, bi-directional, and omnidirectional. A microphone’s directionality can be laid out on … Read more

Why Do Singers Hold The Microphone So Close To Their Mouth?


The short answer is that singing close to a mic allows better sound source isolation and frequency response. It also minimizes the possibility of audio feedback. Good singers learn proper mic holding techniques as they perfect their singing abilities. These techniques can vastly improve their vocal performance. When singing to a live audience, it is … Read more