Best Ribbon Microphones in 2023

Ribbon microphones are unique and great for accuracy in recording vocals and instruments. They usually come in splendid and professional looks. Ribbon mics are efficient and convenient for recording vocals, acoustics, broadcasting in podcasts and radio shows, as well as any other type of strings including drums and guitars. While ribbon mics come at a … Read more

Best Wireless Microphones For Fitness Instructors


As a fitness instructor, you have to talk to your trainees and motivate them always. Without a microphone, you’ll strain your voice every day, trying to remain audible. However, wireless microphones for fitness instructors make work easier and also save your throat. The Comparison Table Choosing the best wireless mic for fitness instructors is challenging, … Read more

Which Pick-Up Pattern Is Best For Picking Up Sound Equally From All Directions?


Every microphone has some sort of directionality. Directionality refers to the sensitivity microphone to sound from different directions. Microphones pick up sound from one direction, all directions, or a particular combination of directions. We can classify these directional properties into 3 primary categories: unidirectional, bi-directional, and omnidirectional. A microphone’s directionality can be laid out on … Read more

Why Do Singers Hold The Microphone So Close To Their Mouth?


The short answer is that singing close to a mic allows better sound source isolation and frequency response. It also minimizes the possibility of audio feedback. Good singers learn proper mic holding techniques as they perfect their singing abilities. These techniques can vastly improve their vocal performance. When singing to a live audience, it is … Read more