Is it Ok to Leave a Microphone in the Shock Mount?

Yes. There is no problem with leaving your microphone in the shock mount.

Sometimes taking the mic on and off the shock mount can be tiring and inconveniencing. That’s why some people, especially professionals, leave their mic mounted and even powered up.

A shock mount is a mechanical fastener that connects a mic to a threaded stand, to isolate the microphone from mechanically transmitted noise. Mechanical noise may originate from handling noise and floor vibrations transmitted via the stand.

Shock mounts are also essential in offering the mics necessary protection from damage.

While most microphones, especially ribbon and condenser, are very fragile, leaving a mic in a shock mount is unlikely to shorten its life. 

Perhaps, leaving your microphone in the shock mount could be favorable to the mic. Let’s find out how.

Reducing the Potential Risk of Dropping the Microphone

One of the easy ways to take care of your mic is ‘never drop it.’ Microphones are delicate devices, and dropping them means breaking them.

To professionals, protecting a microphone is a rule, and dropping the mic is breaking the rule. So, it’s that simple: Don’t drop the microphone. It sounds easy, right?

However, accidents are inevitable, and you can drop your mic without any intentions of doing that. After all, nobody wants to break their mic.

When you keep removing and attaching the mic to the shock mount every time you want to use it, it increases the risks of dropping the mic.

So, the best way to avoid this risk is to leave the mic mounted. If you think that you have to remove it, you should be very deliberate and careful.

Making the Shock Mount Reliable Over Time

The primary work of the shock mount is to protect the mic and prevent the impacts of mechanical noise.

The microphone should fit well in the shock mount to avoid damages caused by falling.

When you continually take the mic in and out of the shock mount, the fastener tends to stretch and loosen the suspension elastics. This will make the shock mount unreliable after some time.

So, if you have a good place to store your mic while it’s still mounted, or on its stand, that’s a good idea. It will increase the durability of your shock mount.

Nonetheless, you should ensure that the mic is protected from dust and humidity when not in use.

How to Protect the Mic from Dust and Humidity

Microphones are sensible devices and exposing them to dust and humidity can easily break them, especially the capsule.

If you want to leave your microphone on the shock mount or the stand, you should take several safety measures to ensure that the capsule is protected from dust and humidity.

The most functional precaution is to use a clean plastic bag to cover the mic when not in use. The plastic bag or cover will block the dust particles from settling down on the mic’s capsule. You can also use clean and dry towels, or microphone dust covers to keep your mic free from dust.

Final Thoughts

Today, most people prefer to leave their mics set up to avoid the hassle of putting the mics on and off every time they want to use them. It can cause wear to the shock mount, clumps, and connectors.

Fortunately, there is no harm in leaving your mic on the shock mount or even fully set up unless you don’t plan to use the mic anytime soon, like after a month or more.

All you need is to ensure that you provide enough protection to your mic from dust, humidity, or other environmental damage.

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