Neumann U47 Vs U87 Microphone Review

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Georg Neumann GmbH, famously known as the Neumann, is a German organization that was established in 1928.

Over the years, it has accomplished practically renowned status as one of the leading microphone makers all over the world. Neumann’s microphones are recognized for their rich sound, extraordinary detail, and fantastic depth.

The Comparison Table

Neumann U47 Overview

Neumann U87 Overview


Neumann U47 Overview

Differences Between Neumann U47 And U87

Differences Between Neumann U47 And U87

Microphones have progressively improved from a primary receiver to an advanced condenser microphone that provides you with the sweet, smooth sound that you prefer.

Neumann U87 Overview

Neumann U87

Are you looking for a vocal microphone for a commercial facility? The Neumann U87 can be an ideal choice. It is among engineers’ most loved microphones. The U87 is most likely the best-sounding all-around studio workhorse mic ever manufactured. Too adaptable, it sounds astounding on any source.

The original Neumann U87 mic is considered a classic, alongside renowned German cylinder microphones manufactured in the 1950s and 1960s.

With numerous polar patterns, the U87 microphone provides a lot of flexibility, permitting you to deal with any condition effortlessly. The U87 may be used incredibly near a sound source without experiencing any audio interference.

Neumann U47 Overview


On the other hand, the Neumann U47 has an incredibly high SPL handling. It can take up to 147 dB by using the pre-reducing pad. That is useful when you need to manage loud volume levels.

The U47 allows you to experience a quick and definite sound reaction since this mouthpiece has been designed using the creation notes and the schematics of its original. Its unique design can quickly identify the Neumann U87 mouthpiece. It is a decent selection for various general-purpose applications such as studio recordings, broadcasting, film, and Television.

Neumann U47 Vs. U87 Design

At a glance, Neumann U47 and Neumann U87 may appear to be somehow similar to one another. There are differences in design; The U47 is more circular and tubular, while Neumann U87 is edgier, with the grille shape being, to some extent, rectangular. Still, both mics have a metallic design that is ultra-rugged and strong, able to withstand and endure through heavy-duty usage.

The U47 Vs. U87 Features And Specifications

U47 MicU87 Mic
Frequency RangeBetween 40 Hz and 16 kHzBetween 20 Hz and 20 kHz
Sensitivity1 kHz into 1 kohm : 8 mV/Pa1 kHz into 1 kohm : 20/28/22 mV/Pa1)
Rated impedance 150 ohms200 ohms
Polar patternHypercardioidOmnidirectional, cardioid, figure-8 plus
Supply voltage48V48V

Both Neumann U47 and Neumann U87 are using the pressure gradient transducer as the working principle.

Similarities Of Neumann U47 And U87

Both the Neumann U47 and U87 are condenser microphones. Condenser mics are usually used in studios to capture sounds with exceptional detail and precision.

The Neumann U47 and U87 produce high-quality sounds. These microphones are hand-made in Germany by highly trained specialists, and customers all around the world can have certainty that these mics can capture sound superbly.

Neumann U87 is capable of capturing beautiful sounds due to its higher sensitivity levels. Moreover, the noise level of this mic is shallow. That implies that you can record sounds that have better clarity.

Differences Between Neumann U47 And U87

Neumann U47 has a frequency reaction scope of between 40 Hz and 16 kHz, and eight mV/Pa sensitiveness at 1 kHz up to 1 k-ohm load. In contrast, Neumann U87 has a frequency reaction range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. The broad reach from the lower to the higher frequencies enhances the overall quality.

Neumann U47

Generally, the Neumann U87 has a comparatively better performance and output quality in comparison to the Neumann U47. That is because the Neumann has a substantially broader frequency response scope and an increased sensitivity level.

Strangely enough, Neumann U47 highlights a single polar pattern that is cardioid whereas the Neumann U87 is designed with three selectable directional models. A switch is found underneath the head grille where you can choose any of the three directional patterns, these are:

  • Omnidirectional Pattern
  • Cardioid Pattern
  • Figure-eight Pattern

The term polar pattern depicts how a microphone captures sound. It portrays how an amplifier is sensitive to sound waves from various directions. A mic’s polar pattern is a significant factor for understanding if a microphone is the right device for a specific circumstance.

Omnidirectional Pattern

Microphones with an omnidirectional polar pattern get sound evenly from all directions. That implies that it doesn’t matter which direction the microphone is pointing towards, and proximity is the principal factor in how firmly it gets a sound.

Cardioid Pattern

A cardioid polar model gets sounds from the front while dismissing sounds originating from the sides and back.

A cardioid polar model gets sounds from the front while excusing sounds starting from the sides and back. This polar model is particularly valuable if you have to focus the sound record from one source or direction, for instance, for musical purposes.

Figure-eight Pattern

As the name suggests, this bidirectional polar model captures sound from two “circles” of sensitivity coming from the front and back. It has the most elevated side dismissal compared to any other polar model making it extremely helpful to manage signals entering the receiver originating from the side.

In contrast with all other polar examples, the U87 has the least bass reaction, and it is susceptible to wind and an ideal choice for managing disturbance.


Performance is everything, and the sense these Neumann classics U47 and U87 produce the highest quality of sound, their cost can be to some degree a high ask. Clients understand that when they are purchasing a Neumann, they’re paying for quality.


Are you now wondering whether you should go for Neumann U47 or Neumann U87?

Depending on your needs, the above review will help you make your final decision. Therefore after selecting your preferred condenser mic, you can be guaranteed that the microphone will serve you for long years with outstanding recordings.

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