Best Noise Cancelling Microphones In 2023

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A good microphone is a worthy investment, whether you are a recording artist, a call center agent, or a podcaster.

Unfortunately, background noise from the environment around you can distort the quality of sound or hinder communication between you and listeners.

The Comparison Table


Electro-voice Re-20


Blue Yeti USB Microphone


Samson C01u Hypercardioid


Shure Super 55 Deluxe


Shure Sm7b


Olympus Noise Cancelling Microphone


Neumann M 149 Tube


Lewitt Lct-840


Akg C414 Xlii


Cad Audio Equitek E100s


Se Electronics T2 Titanium

It may be possible to eliminate background noise in the editing suite in some instances, but in cases where real-time communication is taking place, that may not be possible. There are many ways to cancel out background noise, the most important one being, using good-quality microphones.

With audio technology advancements, it is possible to cancel out background noise at the recording stage if you invest in the right mic for blocking background noise.

In this article, we share tested and proven microphones in the market that can cancel out background noise.

Here is the List Of Best Noise Cancelling Microphones

Electro-voice Re-20


The Electro-Voice RE-20 is highly rated by users. This dynamic microphone features an internal heavy-duty pop filter, a giant diaphragm, and no proximity effect. It also has blast and wind filters that buffer each acoustic opening. The technical features are; a cardioid polar pattern, 150 ohms impedance, Sensitivity at 1.5Mv/Pascal, and a Frequency Response of 45Hz to 18kHz. Each of these features is important in the cancellation of background noise for the following reasons;

  • The immunity to proximity effect ensures you can get good quality audio even when recording in a noisy environment. To achieve this, Record from the top of the microphone to reduce the gain on your interface. You can boost the speaker later on post-production. This will considerably increase your chances of only picking the speaker’s sound and eliminating any other voices in the background.
  • The large-diaphragm microphone captures more acoustic energy than when using a microphone with a smaller diaphragm. This does not, however, mean that you cannot use the microphone for music recordings.
  • The microphone provides a bit of frequency boosting, which gives an extra punch to your voice, making you sound powerful. You shouldn’t be worried as this extra boost will not overshadow your clarity.

The Electro-Voice RE-20 comes with a Carry Case and a Stand Mount.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

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The Blue Yeti microphone is a top-notch microphone that features noise-blocking software and delivers excellent sound. Unlike most high-end microphones, the Blue Yeti has to be connected to a USB. Other than that, its unique specifications offer versatility and clear audio. It is a plug-and-record type of microphone suitable for users who do not want to spend too much time tweaking settings.

  • A Tri-capsule with three condenser capsules allows users to switch between four polar patterns while customizing how the microphone picks sound.
  • It is omnidirectional, which allows several people to record from the device at one go.
  • The stereo mode is excellent for recording instruments as it will enable clear separation of the left and right channels.

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone provides a wide variety to choose from aesthetically as you can pick from seven different colors. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

Samson C01u Hypercardioid

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The Samson C01U was birthed by the desire to elevate Music recording. It is an excellent accessory for a home studio as it is useful for recording quality podcasts, musical performances, speeches, and so on. With this device, background noise will not be an issue as it features a 19mm diaphragm hence an impressive frequency range at 20HZ to 18Khz and a hypercardioid polar pattern which narrows down the field when picking sound. It also features no-latency earphone monitoring.

It is an affordable Microphone for the cancellation of background noise with excellent sound quality. It is a plug and plays option that is compatible with many digital audio workstations.

The Samson C01U is an absolutely flawless bang-for-the-buck microphone for rejecting background noise while maintaining exceptional sound quality. Additional accessories accompanying the microphone include a Swivel mount and tripod stand.

Shure Super 55 Deluxe

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This is the perfect background noise-cancellation Microphone. The Shure Super 55 Deluxe features a dynamic microphone and a super-cardioid polar pattern with a narrow range of audio pick up than most microphones. A price range of about $250 is excellent for stage performances, speeches, and podcast recordings. Aesthetically, it has a unique vintage look that will look cool in videos. The frequency response range is between 60 Hz and 17 kHz. Accompanying accessories include a carrier case.

Shure Sm7b

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Shure SM7B is a popular dynamic microphone for buyers shopping at this price range. It is gaining popularity amongst podcasters. It has an incredible resistance to background noise and electromagnetic hum. It has a very uniform frequency response that can give a soft touch to its sound while delivering clearly.

It features two switches at the back for boost and a high pass filter. Lastly, it is user-friendly and is a mount-and-go type of mic. Accompanying accessories include a windscreen.

Olympus Noise Cancelling Microphone

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As the name suggests, this microphone is perfect for noise cancellation. It offers uni-directional sound pick-up even in loud surroundings. It provides a budget-friendly option for voice recognition applications.

It is versatile and can be plugged directly into a digital recorder 3.5mm audio jack. Users have given this microphone a good rating, especially as a user-friendly product. It is an excellent device for content creators like YouTubers. It is also a favorite for Journalists while conducting interviews in events where there is a lot of noise in the background. When plugged to a recorder, this device captures sound from the subject. Accompanying accessories include a windscreen cover, tie-clip, and an extension cord.

The advantages of the Olympus Noise Canceling mic include:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Very sensitive mic
  • Can isolate background noise

The only disadvantage is that it can easily be damaged if dropped accidentally or when bumped.

Neumann M 149 Tube

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Are you looking for a microphone with a perfect blend of modern technology and vintage sound? The Neumann M149 Tube is a great microphone that features nine polar patterns. Neumann has been in business since 1928, delivering top-notch microphones. The M149 Tube is a recording artiste’s ultimate microphone as it offers excellent power and control. It is one of the best condensers in the market, especially if you are looking for a tube microphone.

The Neumann M149 Tube provides four intermediate angles plus hyper-cardioid, Omni, wide cardioid, and cardioid polar patterns. For its impeccable ability to capture the most transparent sound, the Neumann M149 Tube will cost you slightly more than most microphones. It is worth every buck, though, as it is a versatile, long-lasting product with a fantastic vintage sound.

Other features include a dual-diaphragm with center terminated membranes, a frequency range of 20HZ-20kHz, and a universal power supply that can work with any AC voltage. The M149 releases a much higher output hence higher voltage.

Users that love the Neumann M 149 Tube include spoken word artists and music and instrumentals recording artists. Accompanying accessories include a Shock Mount and carrier case.

Lewitt Lct-840


The Lewitt LCT-840 is hugely underrated. The vintage-style metallic microphone features a sizeable tube inspection window on the front. It offers flawless sound thanks to its impressive features which include:

  • A super-cardioid polar pattern that drastically cancels background noise.
  • A large diaphragm that condenses and captures impeccable sound quality.
  • Very natural sounds in the tube range
  • Three adjustable pads are perfect for capturing high-pitched sounds
  • 9dB self-noise.

It is placed above the rest thanks to its unique qualities like the five adjustable polar patterns, that is, cardioid, super-cardioid, figure-8, Omnidirectional and broad cardioid. The cardioid polar pattern is excellent in the studio while the super-cardioid is perfect for live performances.

Akg C414 Xlii


The AKG C414XLII is an overpowering noise-canceling microphone that has a stable place in the market. One of its unique qualities is the nine interchangeable polar patterns, one of which is hyper-cardioid which has a very narrow audio picking range hence the best when it comes to blocking background noise.

The C414 mic is explicitly tailored for music recording and fits the job excellently. It offers a little boost and hence always delivers vocals. Much as it is one of the high-end price-wise, the C414 is worth every penny. Much as the other recommendation is excellent for home studio recording and podcasts and live streaming, this microphone is well-suited for singing and live performances such as spoken words.

The pre-attenuation pad allows you to alter gain settings

Bass cutting filters

Playing with either of these features will eliminate background noise if the hyper-cardioid polar pattern is not able to. You can experiment with the two settings until you find your perfect setting.

Other Features Include

  • The full frequency ranges from 20Hz -20kHz
  • The dynamic range of 152dB
  • Multi-polaroid pattern condenser mic
  • Interchangeable pad
  • 48-voltage phantom power requirement.

Accompanying accessories include a carrier case, windscreen, pop filter, and a Spider-type shock mount.

Cad Audio Equitek E100s


A super-cardioid with a giant diaphragm and condenser microphone hints on impeccable background noise elimination. Those are some of the features of the CAD Audio Equitek E100S microphone known for its soothing vintage sound. As in the other mics we have reviewed earlier, the super-cardioid, polar pattern, is excellent in the elimination of background noise. With this mic, however, you can achieve even better background noise elimination by speaking directly to the mic to eliminate self-noise. Additionally, the E100 has an impeccable extended low-frequency response.

The E100s have a price tag of $430, which is a decent price range considering its features, and the sound is compared to that of the Schoeps CMC 6, which goes for slightly over $1650. The sound of the E110S id much better than any mics that are in its price range. It has a flat response with a breath of extra air in the higher frequencies offering better clarity in your voice. The mic has a high output hence needs a sufficient 48V of phantom power.

So good is this microphone that imitations and fakes are already in the market. While shopping for the Equitek E100S, ensure you are getting it from a certified dealer that accepts returns in case you are unlucky.

Unique Features Summary

  • This is a Made in USA Microphone
  • 10dB pad.
  • Extended low-frequency response
  • Very low self-noise
  • 80Hz high–pass filter
  • Attenuator 10dB
  • Condenser microphone
  • Supercardioid polar pattern

Accompanying accessories include a Vintage woodgrain cherry carrier case and a shock-mount.

Se Electronics T2 Titanium


This is the only microphone in this review that features a custom handcrafted capsule. It has a titanium diaphragm, which provides a swift transient response. It has four switchable polar patterns that one can choose from. Of the four polar patterns, one is super-cardioid and provides impressive background noise rejection. This simple mic transcends an entire range of sound with a frequency response of 20HZ to 20kHZ. It is a popular mic among spoken word artists, low-end, and loud persuasive instruments.

Unique Features Include

  • Titanium capsule
  • Condenser microphone
  • Four polar patterns i.e., cardioid, super-cardioid, Omni and figure 8
  • Accompanying accessories include a durable flight case and a shock mount.
  • 16dB self-noise.


If sound quality matters to you, then an investment in a good condenser microphone is necessary. From the list above, you can narrow down to one that suits your needs, sound requirements, and even budget. Self-noise and background noise can completely distort your work and render your recording useless. This could be a great interviewer a podcast you had invested a lot of energy into voicing. Getting yourself a good microphone that cancels background noise will save you the trouble of going back and forth and redoing work.

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