Best Microphones For Recording Piano

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A piano is among the most beautiful musical instrument.

Music from a piano is a delight when it gets into the right hands. So, it is only fair that you find a microphone that heightens the sound and makes it sound even better.

Preferably, the best mic for piano should record and capture all the sounds of the music piano.

The best mic should also do more than just amplifying the volume; like the beat microphone for guitar or best mic for cello, it should also enhance the acoustics for excellent sound recording.

However, different microphones have different components, and with so many options in the market, choosing the best microphone may be a hard nut to crack.

Neumann Tlm 102 Mt Condenser Microphone

Neumann Tlm 102 Mt Condenser Microphone

  • Brand Neumann
  • Connectivity Wired
  • Compatible Amplifier, Speaker, Speaker
Tonor Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Tonor Cardioid Condenser Microphone

  • Brand TONOR
  • Compatible Personal Computer
  • Power Source Corded Electric
Budget Friendly
Shure Sm7b Microphone

Shure Sm7b Microphone

  • Brand Shure
  • Model Name SM7B
  • Connector Type XLR Connector

Here, we have done independent research on the 9 best microphones for recording piano.

Neumann Tlm 102 Mt Condenser Microphone


Recognized among the best microphone for piano recording, Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone is famous for its unparalleled clarity, reliability, and quality of the piano sound. It comprises of a large diaphragm that may fit the audio you need. In addition to the diaphragm, the microphone has the maximum sound pressure to record all piano types. 

One of the features you may look for in other microphones and fail to find is the microphone’s frequency response. Interestingly, the frequency response on this mic is exceptionally linear ensuring minimal coloration and clearly defined bass range. It’s clearly defined midrange, and a well-rounded bass response makes the microphone an excellent choice for recording piano. You can, therefore, carry out your projects at home.

The microphone is itself solid, which makes it easy to fine-tune it nearby your piano when recording. You can place the mic anywhere, and it’s the durability and reliability value of it that makes it a top choice for artists and musicians. It has a maximum sound pressure of 144 dB and an equivalent noise level CCIR of 21dB.  This mic strives to meet your piano recording needs. 

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Tonor Cardioid Condenser Microphone


Tonor Cardioid Condenser Microphone features a classic and straightforward design to capture a wide range of high and low frequencies.  Its high-quality gold-plated, diaphragm condenser casing gives it the ability to acquire a wide range of frequencies perfect for recording piano. With simplicity, you will be able to record very complex sounds with no sound getting lost.

The microphone is impressive because of the 100 cm suspension microphone stand. The stand is made of thick, durable, all-metal material making it robust and strong. Moreover, the stand has three bracing pieces to enhance its stability. Your microphone, therefore, is protected from falling off.

Most of the microphones do not last due to a lack of shock mount. Nonetheless, Tonor Cardioids’ microphone is here to take you places under the influence of professional metal shock mount. The life span of your microphone is prolonged, and unwanted low-frequency rumble is thrown away.

With the USB port, you can use your microphone and your phone, laptop, or computer by putting it nearby the piano. The best part of the microphone is that it is compatible with operating systems such as Windows and Mac. You, therefore, don’t need extra drivers to do your recording.

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Shure Sm7b Microphone


Looking for a natural sound from your piano recording? Shure Cardioid Microphone is here to surprise you. The microphone produces a natural sound with the help of its impressive wide-range frequency response. You can as well record vocals, instruments, and speech using the microphone.

If you have ever used other microphones, you must be aware of electromagnetic hums caused by an abundance of monitors around. Notably, the Shure microphone has improved the rejection of electromagnetic hum when recording vocals. You must, therefore, not worry about hums when using the microphone.

With the help of internal air suspension in the microphone, mechanical noise transmission during recording is isolated. Moreover, pop-filters in the microphone eliminate plosive sounds from instruments and explosive breathing music that you may produce during recording.

The impressive narrow design of the microphone, without doubt, takes care of each height. The microphone, therefore, has an adjustable stand that may make you comfortable during recording. Just as a reminder, the microphone is a dynamic microphone making it suitable for use in big rooms and large halls. Visit one of our stores to get a Shure microphone for your piano recording.

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Audio- Technica Atr2500-usb Microphone


Looking to improve your recording at your piano home studio? Audio Technica Cardioid Microphone best suits your need since it is so easy to install. You can connect the microphone to your computer using a USB cable.  Its metal construction guarantees you durable and reliable performance. 

With the presence of high-quality AD converter and low-mass diaphragm, an excellent frequency response is achieved. Also, the mic comes with a tripod stand that is adjustable with a customized height, a pivoting threaded stand mount, and a USB cable to make everyone feel comfortable.

Besides, the microphone is so sensitive to sounds. It hence records and captures all the sounds when you are playing piano.  It has inbuilt controls for regular settings other than the settings made via computer software. You can change the output and volume of the microphone using manual control.

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Mxl 990/991 Recording Condenser Microphone


One of the microphones that promise to pick up every sound you make while recording is the MXL 990/991 Recording Condenser Microphone. However, the microphone kit comes with two microphones. MXL 990 offers a smooth, sweet, high end and solid bass, appropriate for melodramatic records while 991 is excellent for instrumental recording.

The features of the microphone include a middle-sized diaphragm and a fixed cardioid pickup pattern. You may find a hard time working with MXL 991 microphones; therefore, you need to experiment with its placement to ensure you produce good sounds.

However, for recording covers and piano songs with voice, 990 microphones are perfect. The two microphones can be used together to produce the best sound you need. Both the MXL 990 and MXL 991 comprise an excellent kit for music enthusiasts who regularly record both types and are not willing to invest on two separate microphones.

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Rode Nt5-mp Condenser Microphone


At a glance, you can get it that Rode NT5 is a technologically advanced microphone. Artists who have recorded their performance using this microphone must be smiling. The microphone is all metal with a flat grille head designed to capture stereo field sound. For installation purposes, you are not stressed up due to a slim body make-up of the microphone.

As other microphones use a pad and roll-off switches, NT5 does not appreciate these features to produce a good recording for the piano record. Nevertheless, the microphone has a remarkable frequency range that makes it a good choice for piano recording.

You can never be worried about distortion when using this microphone. This is enabled by the presence of SPL of 143db and high sensitivity. You are, therefore, sure of the right combination of delicate sounds, a unique character.

When it comes to its frequency response, this mic has an even frequency response that precisely replicates all the air and transient movement in the piano. The microphone is the best for acoustic piano.

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Akg Pro Audio C414 Xls Microphone


One of the microphones that stands to be the best for piano recording since its invention is AKG Pro Audio. What makes the microphone interesting is its versatility and adaptability for different purposes. The structure of the microphone is in the form of a hexagon with XLS variation having silver grille.

Even though this microphone has a sleek and elegant design, the best feature is the handler’s ability to shift between up to five diverse polar patterns. Using a piano, this seems useful. You can pick a polar design that works perfectly with your setup.

The quality of sound produced depends on the frequency response. Since AKG is known for its quality sound, its frequency response is the widest among the microphones. Moreover, the range is the best for comprehensive piano recording. One of the best things you must know is that the microphone combines warmth with clarity, a feature other microphone sacrifices one for another.

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Mxl Mics 770 Microphone


The sturdiest cardioids Condenser microphone with an impressive performance in the piano recording, MXL 770 microphone, should be in your watchlist. Its original design makes it a top choice mic for recording and amplifying the piano and string instruments, vocals, and percussion instruments. 

 One of the features that make the piano outshine others is the FET preamp, which has a wide response range. Simplicity is what the microphone promotes with a black body and gold band.

Preamp, as a constituent of the microphone, gives it a dynamic range to capture the piano sound efficiently. Therefore, you cannot complain about the quality of the sound produced by the microphone, whether in close piano miking or far. Its small-diaphragm also reduces the alteration when recording at a higher volume.

Additionally, the microphone is a pressure gradient condenser that makes it record off-axis sounds and has an SPL of 137db. It can withstand high volumes at a closer proximity. For the best piano recording, MXL 770 works out for you. Visit one of the stores to acquire this microphone for your benefit.

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Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone


You will be amazed by how natural the piano sounds when recorded with the usage of this Fifine Metal microphone. This mic comes with a wide range of frequency responses that uphold sound quality at a high level and lets you to record instruments and vocals excellently. 

One of the features of this microphone is a 5.9 feet USB cable that enables you to connect immediately to a laptop or a PC and begin your recordings. The mic is also compatible with iOS and Windows. With metal construction, the mic is quite durable and reliable with an adjustable design to conveniently place it in an ideal position when recording. 

The mic comes with an additional volume knob that offers better output and higher sensibility. The higher sensitivity makes it easier to distinguish the sounds of the instruments. You will be able to adjust the knob by putting the recording volume higher. This is one of the most affordable microphones with decent recording quality.

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We hope this article will assist you in choosing and buying the best microphone for recording your piano. The microphones can be used both at home and in the studio. Your work is made easier; you don’t need to spend a lot of recording audio in studio. Picking any of these mics for recording piano will not disappoint.

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