Best Microphone For Field Recording In 2022

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Field recording is the audio recording produced outside a recording studio.  Here, you are recording the sound as it is, and so you need a mic that captures the moment without interrupting as it will ruin your recording.

The importance of a high-quality microphone can’t hence be over-exaggerated in Field recording.  A high-quality field recording microphone must be able to capture noises that are low and complex.

But with so many mics out there, checking through thousands of pages, and surfing the internet looking for the right mics may be frustrating and tedious.

To save you stress, we have done exclusive research on the best microphone for field recording. If you are looking for the best microphone for field recording, you are in the right place.

8 Best Microphone For Field Recording

Sennheiser E609 Silber Microphone


Sennheiser is typically well-known for their headphones, but this model has proven to be one of the heavy hitters in the market. The E609 comes with a solid metal housing, great feedback rejection, noise isolation (for what’s in front of it), and high SPL like most Field recording mic should have.

In terms of its design and features, Sennheiser E609 Silber Super Cardioid Instrument Microphone has unique lateral designs that don’t require a clip and hung from a speaker cabinet. It also includes clips and protective pouch.

It has a great cardioid pattern that offers separation from other on-stage background signals. Also, it comes with a Hum compensating coil that decreases chances of electric shock. Neodymium ferrous magnet with boron in this mic keeps it steady irrespective of environmental conditions. Its capable of greater than 150 dB SPL with full Fidelity.

Its tailored to capture clear and detailed sound with low handling noise and high feedback rejection. It uses an XLR-3 connector that enhances rejection of background noise. It’s increased output and wide frequency response offers improved performances.

It continues to amaze recorders and filmmakers with its high end, silky, tight, midrange, and reliable low reproduction and remains one the most ground-breaking mic in the industry.

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Shure Mv88 Portable Ios Microphone


It’s no surprise that Shure’s product is on our list as they provide top-notch quality products. Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphoneis one of their best microphones and has been proven to be perfect for field recording. Some people have classified this microphone as one of the best because of its versatility and uniqueness.

In terms of its feature and designs, Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphone is certified and compatible with all iOS devices with a lightning connector. Its also pocket-friendly and can capture powerful and quality audio recording on the when on the field. It’s also flexible to tilt flip and rotate to get stereo quality whatever your sound source.

Furthermore, Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphone has access to five present built-in modes and EQ adjustment, stereo width, and polar pattern. It has an all-metal build to endure the most difficult recording condition and easy to use video apps.

It comes with a removeable base so that you can easily install it onto a boom arm or fold it up for a field event.  Different most Field recording microphones, the Shure MV88 features a dynamic microphone capsule for excellent background noise rejection. Its records audio with high-quality, clear sounds. It’s an excellent recommendation for all into field recording.

Is your microphone living up to the power of your vocal, full sound, big sound, or sophisticated sound? This Shure microphone has been in the stage for decades, pushing the voice to the front of the significant world performances, and it is excellent for Field recording services.

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Saramonic Uwmic9 Rx-xlr9


When searching for a quality microphone for field recording, the Saramonic Uwmic9 Rx-Xlr9 microphone is perhaps one of the best choices you can now buy in the market. This mic is a super-portable dual-channel UHF wireless mic that can be installed easily to a recorder or camera XLR input. It also has an installed scan feature that senses available channels for you, with automatic synchronization making the process spontaneous.

This field recording mic comes with a headphone in its built-in body, so you can record your sound even if the camera does not have a headphone jack. It also features an easy-to-read backlit LCD that allows you make a fast adjustment to its menu, whether during the day or night. It requires expensive wireless -proprietary batteries; it can be powered with an external USB battery pack.

It’s a dynamic mic that allows you to enhance your field recording. it has a good noise rejection, and features a high-pass filter to reduce any signal noise for clean, noiseless recordings. This is a mic that both laypersons and professionals turn to for their field recording work.

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Audio Technica’s At875r Condenser Microphone


This microphone is one of the various most sought-after microphones because of its high quality. It possesses all features needed in a receiver for field recording duties.

In terms of its microphone design and features, Audio Technica’s AT8755R Condenser Microphone can mount expediently on a DV camcorder without adding perceptible weight and is also perfect for compact cameras.

Also, it has an excellent sound rejection from the sides and rear of the mics, and it’s tailored to minimize the camera and handling noise. The mic operates on phantom power only; 11-52V DC, 2Ma TYPICAL. This microphone has a fixed chargeback plate permanently polarized condenser with a weight of 80g (2.8 oz).

This is considered one of the best microphones to use for field Recording. This microphone is highly recommended for field recorders, both experts and amateurs who desire maximum sound quality. 

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The Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder


This microphone is designed for field recorders, and it’s arguably the best microphone a field recorder can find in the market presently. It solves all the problems a recorder finds on the field. Its features include advanced X/Y microphones, incredibly natural-sounding preamps, and a super-low noise floor. It has a pristine stereo or four-channel recording, 2 KLR/TRS inputs with a secure connector that uses a 2-in-2-out USB interface.

In addition, it has a remolded FX processor with ultra-realistic emulation. It can record on SD/sDHC CARDS UP TO 32 GB. Also, this microphone has a zoom RC4 wired remote control for easier recording and playback. It is a four-track synchronized recording, high sound fidelity mic that will help you to record quality sound in the field.

Easy-to-read display with one-touch controls, its other essential features include; a Record Hold function, tone generator, sound markers, onboard limiter, and more Low-profile design attaches to belts or waistbands. It fits inside pockets for excellent portability.

This is an excellent microphone that will be appreciated when used to do Field recording. It has all the necessary attributes that are needed to provide impeccable field recording services.

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Samson Satellite Microphone


This microphone is another top product for field recording whose high quality makes it endearing to Recorders. Samson Satellite is another high-quality mic intended for capturing high-definition audio on your devices. Ideal for podcasting, streaming, voice-overs, and recording music; simply connect the Satellite to your device via the included USB or Lightning cables and start creating.

No matter where a project takes you, whether recording at home or on a remote, Satellite is the mic for the mission. Its compact footprint comes with a patented fold-back leg design that enables the mic to be well positioned for any vocal or music recording, or conveniently folded up for carriage.

This mic features two, 16mm condenser capsules that detects high-quality sound and vocal clarity. The mic offers three selectable pick-up patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional for handling various recording applications. An inner shock mount splits the capsules from the mic, abating handling noise produced by vibrations and table growl.

Furthermore, this microphone can Capture 24bit/96kHz Broadcast quality audio to your computer or iOS device for your podcast, Twitch stream, YouTube production, or music recordings. It has a Dual custom 16mm condenser capsules that deliver clear and detailed audio.

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Comica Boomx-d 2.4g Digital 1-trigger-2 Wireless Microphone


The producer of this Comica mic -continue to dazzle the world with their ever-dynamic invention.

This new microphone’s amazing features include a 2.4G digital wireless, global free frequency coupled with dual transmitters triggered by one receiver. It also has visual power, dynamic audio monitor, and other display functions, internal and external MIC two input modes mono/stereo Switchable Output.

This Microphone has an Audio Dynamic Monitor and Other Display Functions that are Clear and convenient. This makes it easy to monitor and ensure the work status that provides clear recording and keep the microphone work properly.

This is a wireless microphone with flexible use and input modes in different scenes with professional technology to create perfect audio quality. It possesses a Low Latency < 20ms that makes recording clear and natural, sound fluent and smooth. It has RF technology, Auto freq. adjustment, stable transmission, Suitable frequency, hence an excellent choice in various situations.

This is a highly recommend Microphone for all who desire a top-notch quality job when field recording as it is also friendly to the pocket.

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The Zoom H5 Handy Recorder


This is a different Recorder from the one we discussed above. It possesses some unique features which make it a microphone every Recorder craves for. Perfect for documentaries, professional audio design, podcasting and filed recording, the Zoom H5 recorder allows you to efficiently record up to four input signals.

This microphone has been elegantly designed with the most commonly and efficiently used buttons and controls for recording. For safety purposes, it comes with a hold switch that disables all- front -panel buttons to avert accidental operation during recording. You can clearly check all the vital information such as battery status, recording time and more on the wide LCD display.

With this recorder, you don’t have to carry your external microphones. This product features a xyh-5 interchangeable stereo microphone that offers phase-accurate and clear capture. It can record up to 24-bit audio and is compatible with H6 mic modules.

The producer of this Microphone has put in much effort to invent this exquisite microphone that solves most of the significant problems recorders face when doing field Recording. Without anything more than this Zoom H5, you will be able to record speech, concerts and field event sounds, including the loudest of up to 140dB.

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These are the top best microphones for field recording. Like any other type of audio recording, the mic you use in field recording is essential. We sincerely hope that this article will help you find and purchase the best microphone for field recording. Purchasing any of these microphones will make field recording more enjoyable and easier with better quality.

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