Best Dynamic Microphones For Streaming In 2023

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Live streaming is popular among a vast number of internet users. In the wake of product reviewers, internet sensationals, Vloggers, and upcoming singers, streaming has become one of the ways that these groups of people eke a living for themselves. With is in mind, they have to choose their work tools carefully if they want to garner a significant number of followers, who will, in turn, into paying clients.

A good microphone would be the perfect start for them. It should be long-lasting, sturdy, and produce high-quality sound. Here is a detailed review of some of the most preferred dynamic microphones that you may find useful.

Our Top Pick – Samson Q2U Dynamic Microphone

Samson Q2U is not only dynamic in its production, it also has a variety of features that make it dynamic in its functionality. Aside from the fact that it produces sound with the help of vibrations, this mic can be used in two ways.

You can either use it as a handheld mic with the help of batteries or use the USB and XLR cables to power it to life. It is one easy-to-use device since all you have to do is connect it to the power source. More so, this item has several additional hardware that provides a smooth operational time. These include a table stand, two cables, and a pop filter.

The Comparison Table

There are plenty of options to pick from when it comes to dynamic mics. But, before you start perusing through this excerpt, you may want to have a closer view of each mic’s specs. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the five mics, which provides an overview of the critical features of each microphone.


Samson Q2U Dynamic Microphone


Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone


Electro-Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone


Behringer Ultravoice UXM850 Dynamic Mic


Superlux TM58 Dynamic Microphone

Top 5 Best Dynamic Microphones for Streaming

Dynamic microphones are well known for their ability to handle loud noises. They work by creating vibrations, which can sustain louder sounds for longer. More so, most of them are made using steel, to ensure that not only do they last for long, but they also manage the high-sound frequencies subjected to them. When it comes to online streaming, you need a mic that has the least latency to keep at bay speech lag.

It should be easy to use and should have plenty of hardware that makes your user sessions smooth. Finding a single microphone with all these properties can be tricky, which is why this review is helpful. We uncover some of the best mics in the market, both cheap and expensive ones, to provide streaming enthusiasts with a variety of options to pick from. Below is an elaboration of some of their most desirable features.

Samson Q2U Dynamic Microphone


Samson Q2U is a reliable mic made out of steel. It is ideal for noisy environments now that it minimizes ambient sounds. In addition to these features, you also get to enjoy the following.

Quick Summary

  • Dual connectivity
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Zero-latency
  • Plug and play
  • High-quality build

It is convenient for both noisy and quiet environments, thanks to its noise-reduction properties.

Why is this a top pick?

Dual connectivity

This microphone can be used as a handheld device or a corded one. It has dockets that hold batteries, allowing you to enjoy a hands-free experience. Aside from this, you can also incorporate a cord into its use. The mic comes with both USB and AUX cables, which you can use as an alternative for the hands-free encounter.

Cardioid microphone

Cardioid mics have a heart-shaped pattern, which dictates where the sound is more prevalent. This mic is more sensitive to noises projected directly in front of it. Those that come from the backside are muffed to give an audience to the main speaker. The same principle applies to ambient sounds within the room.

Minimal latency

Live streaming is an activity that takes place in real-time. Everything you say is transmitted to the internet instantly. This mic provides an instantaneous relay of information without any delays, which allows for quicker responses and communication between the user and his fan base.

Plug and play

You do not need an instructions manual to operate this microphone. It is quite straightforward in how it functions. When you want to utilize it in battery-free mode, you only have to connect the cords to your transmitter or computer. If you’re going to use the hands-free version, use batteries to power the device.

High-quality build

Most parts of this microphone are made using steel. Steel is one of the most durable metals available in the market. So, whether your mics take a hard fall or are mishandled in any manner, they will stay intact. As such, you are assured that once you put this item to use, it will last for a long before you replace it.


  • t has no latency
  • You can use it in three ways
  • It comes with a comprehensive package of hardware
  • The mic is sturdy
  • Reduces feedback in loud rooms


  • The USB cable does not work well in Windows 10 Pcs.

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone


Aside from the sleek build, this mic is the best when it comes to reducing handling noise. This is all thanks to the yoke mounting. Additional features include:

Quick Summary

  • Enhanced bouncing of the electromagnetism hum
  • Internally fixed shock isolation
  • Yoke mounting
  • Wide frequency range
  • Bass roll-off

This mic is best suited for indoor performance, now that it has no stand. However, if you want to shoot something outdoors, you are welcome to do so as long as you get a sturdy stand o support it.

Why is this a top pick?

Electromagnetism hum rejection

Connecting a microphone to your PC will result in the amplification of the electromagnetic hum produced by the monitor. However, with this Shure mic, you get to enjoy clear sounds, now that it is equipped with a device that rejects this effect.

Internal shock isolation

Are you worried that mechanical noise will interfere with the quality of your sound? You can put your fears to rest, now that this microphone has an internally fixed shock isolation box. If you’re going to work with machines that are known to vibrate, then this mic will cancel this effect.

Yoke mounting

Whether you’re 5 feet or 4 feet tall, you can easily adjust this mic’s reachability to suit your likes. This is all thanks to the York mounting feature endowed in the microphone. You can also move the microphone closer or further behind, depending on what you prefer.

Wide frequency range

The manufacturer of this mic put in mind high and low vocal range users during the production stage. This microphone has a wide frequency range that captures a high load of frequency bandwidth. As such, you are bound to experience clean and smooth productions regardless of what function you put the microphone to accomplish. Even more, it is ideal for both speakers and singers.

Bass roll-off

At times, your audio may sound a little muddy and inaudible if you have plenty of bass frequencies dominating the audio. This is why you get a bass roll-off switch, a button that enables you to regulate the amount of bass you hear in your audio. You only have to switch the button on to activate this feature.


  • Sleek design
  • Wide frequency-range
  • Plenty of noise-filtering properties
  • Yoke mounting that offers precise mic positioning
  • Little to zero electromagnetic hum interference


  • The noise level shoots up when you increase the volume

Electro-Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone

51dCeTE otL. AC SL1200

While this microphone seems small, it features internal pop filters, a shock mount, as well as wind and blast filters, which all work to keep your audio clean and smooth.

Quick Summary

  • Internally fixed pop-filter
  • Externally fixed blast and wind filters
  • Made of sturdy steel
  • Fixed shock mount for reduced vibration
  • 45Hz-18kHz frequency response

If you consider all the features listed above, this mic works best outdoors. However, you can boost its productivity by throwing on a windscreen for even better noise reduction results.

Why is this a top pick?

Fixed pop-filter

While other mics in this review may require external pop filters to aid them in reducing the effect of pops on the sound, this one doesn’t. It comes equipped with an internal pop filter that smoothens the audio without the use of external hardware.

Blast and wind filters

If you are one that is fond of outdoor shoots, you will appreciate the blast and wind filters this mic has. These items are erected outside the mic, as a covering. The filters counter the effect of wind on audio. They take the shape of thick lines evenly spread out all over the microphone. These lines divert the course of the wind so that it does not tamper with the sound’s quality.

Sturdy composition

This Electro-voice RE-20 mic is a strong gadget. It can withstand most of the harsh treatments that most mics undergo. This is because the microphone is made of pure steel. So, whether it falls or is squeezed in between other items during transportation, nothing in or outside it gets ruined.

Internal shock mount

One of the most common occurrences in audio production is the effect of vibrations. These come about when your mic comes into contact with PC vibrations, or you interview a speaker that has an extremely high baritone or soprano. These can distort the sound, making it inaudible. But thanks to the internal shock mount, you get to enjoy clean outputs since it neutralizes the effect of these vibrations.

A decent frequency response rate

45Hz-18kHz is the frequency rate that you get to work with. Considering that you will use the mic for talks, this frequency rate can be a tad too low. However, you can always adjust the volume to a higher rate to compensate for this shortfall.


  • Lightweight mic
  • A sturdy, steel piece
  • Heavy-duty internal shock mount
  • Comprehensive noise reduction features
  • Runs on a cardioid polar pattern


  • Quite costly

Behringer Ultravoice UXM850 Dynamic Mic


At times, all you may be looking for is a microphone that can amplify your sound but is not expensive. Here is one such mic that has other desirable aspects:

Quick Summary

  • Feedback suppression
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Dual-stage pop filter
  • Reliable metallic body
  • Up to 70dB voice sensitivity

Because this mic is a cheap option, it would be best to operate it indoors. In case you want to do an outdoor shoot, find a pop filter and a windshield that will help reduce the effect of wind blasts and other ambient sounds.

Why is this a top pick?

Feedback suppression

In most cases, feedback is experienced in surroundings with high levels of noise, such as live music events. But, you may find a few instances where there is significant feedback experienced in a studio. This mic helps to alleviate this problem, which in turn results in crisp sound every time.

Cardioid polar pattern

Cardioid mics are great for reducing ambient sound, now that they amplify the voice projected in front of them while silencing noise that comes from the rear end.

Dual-stage pop-filter

This microphone has two pop filters in it. Each is placed in a different section for better performance. Even so, both items work hand in hand to muffle pop effects that may otherwise alter the quality of the sound produced.

Reliable metallic body

Considering that this is a handheld mic, it is not uncommon to find it falling from the hands of the user. The metallic body acts as a shock absorber to this mic, ensuring that it does not get spoilt in case it is mishandled.

Highly sensitive

This is a microphone that is suitable for talks, now that it is highly sensitive. With up to 70dB worth of noise to work with, it means you do not have to strain your voice trying to articulate words.


  • Sturdy metallic composition
  • Internal shock mount system
  • 50HZz – 15kHz frequency response
  • Cardioid microphone
  • Two-step pop-filter


  • You need to get a cord for it separately

Superlux TM58 Dynamic Microphone


If you a looking for a microphone that can handle high levels of sound without distorting your voice, take a look at this Superlux TM58 mic.

Quick Summary

  • High SPL
  • Off-axis rejection
  • Reduced handling noise
  • Fast transient response
  • High-quality sound output

Why is this a top pick?

High SPL capacity

Distortion is one of the effects of loud unregulated sound. If you are going to host speakers with high-pitched voices, then you may want to get this mic since it has a high SPL capacity. As such, this microphone regulates the sound, ensuring that your listeners don’t have to contend with inaudible screeches.

Off-axis rejection

When it comes to noise cancellation, this microphone completes this task with the help of off-axis rejection. The noise hits the membrane from different angles, thus reducing the effect of loud sounds.

Less handling noise

Using microphones comes with burdens, such as pop sounds, blasts, and other side effects. And in case you prefer holding the mic as you record, the chances of experiencing handling noise is even higher. However, this Superlux TM58 microphone has built-in pop-filters that counter the blasts.

Fast transient response

The rate at which this mic responds to transients if fast. As such, you get to enjoy accurate sound representation every time.

High-quality sound output

This microphone produces high-quality sound, thanks to a combination of properties, giving the user unrivaled experiences every time they hit the studio to record.


  • Battery-free design
  • Bright sound
  • Cost-effective
  • Decent transient response
  • Sturdy


  • It takes some time before it gets on


When selecting a microphone to use in your live-streaming podcasts, choose those that have a higher frequency response.

This is because you do not project your sound as much as a singer, so it may take more effort from your end if you want to be heard. And while there may be little to no frequency response in an audio podcast, find a mic that has a superior frequency response, just to be on the safe side.

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