Best Microphones For Ham Radio In 2023

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Ham radios are popular with hobbyists and emergency services.

Normally, most Ham radios come with their receivers.

However, you may struggle with the quality of sound the radio transmits, especially if you lean towards purchasing a cheaper ham radio version. Therefore, to work around this problem, you may have to consider purchasing a good-quality microphone.

Now, if you want to enhance the sound quality or improve the overall ham experience, you need to use a good quality microphone.

To help you make the right decision, here are some of the best Ham radio microphones that can help you deliver a great sound quality.

8 Best Microphones For Ham Radio

Kenwood Original Mc-60a Deluxe Desktop Microphone


If you are a Kenwood user, the Kenwood mc-60a desktop microphone is one of the top-performing all-around mics to use with the system. The microphone works with all Kenwood ham radios that use the eight-pin mic connector.

The mic features a simple up-down tuning and a push to talk switch with mic impedance settings of 50k ohms and 500 ohms. The microphone also features a built-in pre-amp. When it is off, the frequency response is between 150 Hz to 10 kHz and when on the frequency ranges between 200 Hz to 7 kHz.

It has a good frequency response and a solid all-round performance. It does not matter if you are working in poor band conditions; the Kenwood MC-60A will always deliver great quality audio. The microphone is very stable due to a zinc Die- cast base. You can, therefore, use it on any surface comfortably.

Ranger Sra-198 Cb Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic


The Ranger SRA-198 promises to deliver a crisp-clear sound quality. It is the go-to mic if you are frustrated by using any other poor sound quality microphone. The mic features special active filters that help to block out any unwanted background noise or interference. You will, therefore, always hear the person speaking loud and clear.

The microphone has a solid build and fits perfectly in your hand. It is sturdy and durable and can last several years, even with regular use and facing several forms of abuse. Considering it is a hand-held microphone, it is surprisingly affordable and delivers an amazing performance.

You will need to hold it close to your mouth when talking if you want it to deliver great results.

Delta M2 Chrome Amplified Dynamic Power Base Microphone


While it may not be the most popular in its category, it offers the best in terms of the build and audio quality. The sound quality it produces may be one of the best amongst all ham radio microphones in the market today. It allows you to control the tone and modulation of your sound through separate tone and modulation controls.

The build and design are also of high quality. Instead of cheap plastic like many other mics, the Delta M2 Chrome uses high-quality steel, making it durable and of high value to ham radio operators. The microphone does not need batteries to run. It comes with an A/C adapter. The receiver is highly versatile as it can work with a variety of Ham radios. With a low impedance of 270 Ohms, the microphone is better than many cheaper options.

Yaesu Original Md-100a8x Dynamic Desktop Microphone


If you own a Yaesu Ham radio, then the Yaesu Original MD-100A8X mic is your best bet to delivering great sound quality. Its controls, output levels, frequency response, and connectors are all made to fit modern Yaesu Radios. The microphone comes with both high frequency and low-frequency switch settings at the bottom.

It also features an Up and down tuning at the base of the mic pedestal, a scan switch for a push to talk, and a lock feature. Its connecting cable can either accommodate an eight-pin mic plug or a modular RJ-45 connector.

The sound it delivers is extremely clear on both the transmitting and receiving end. It also has a large frequency range of between 100 to 5000 Hz. The only disadvantage the microphone has is its short pedestal shaft that forces you to bend if you want to speak into the microphone. Otherwise, it is pretty much the best mics for Yaesu ham radios.

Galaxy Echomaster Base Echo Roger Beep Microphone

The Galaxy Echomaster Base Echo Roger Microphone is one of the ideal ham radio microphones for users not looking to spend much money for the performance. It is the only desk microphone that has a roger beep, echo, and a modulation meter all in one package.

The whole unit is made up of both plastic and metal and weighs about 2 pounds. It has a push to talk button that has a sliding lock option that you can use when speaking for a long time. It also features two sliding control buttons, one for echo and another for modulation. 

The echo slide controls the amount of the echo effect you want on your audio. The modulation slide, on the other hand, helps you to either increase or decrease the loudness of the mic. The modulation meter enables you to tell the loudness of your microphone.

Additionally, the microphone features a roger beep switch at the back that creates a standard tone once you end your transmission. If the ham radio you use also has a roger beep function, then every communication you make will end with two standard tones.

You do not need to bend when using the microphone since the microphone head is on a long gooseneck boom that you can adjust either left, right, up, or down. There is also a windscreen cover on it to help prevent breathing interference when using the microphone.

The sound quality from the microphone is very rich and clear. Compared to other Ham microphones, it does not capture background noise. Since it has a standard four-pin plug, the receiver is compatible with most Ham radios.

Commountain Heavy Speaker Mic


If the price is your concern when purchasing a microphone, then you can consider getting the Commountain Heavy Speaker Microphone. Although it is specifically for use on the Baofeng radios, it is compatible with other popular radios, including hand-held Ham radios.

Despite its build being of plastic, the brand only uses very high quality and durable plastic. It comes with a long cable that reinforced with Kevlar fiber and a coil cord with high tensile strength giving it a long lifespan.

The microphone perfectly fits in your hand and allows your voice to be transmitted clearly, even in loud environments. The Commountain Heavy Speaker Mic may be one of the best microphones that deliver great sound quality within its price range.

Btech Qhm22 Platinum Series Ip54 Speaker Microphone


The BTECH QHM22 Platinum Series IP54 is one of the most durable hand-held microphone speakers in the market today. The mic comes with a high impact casing to withstand any shock without breaking. It can, therefore, last for a very long time, even with poor handling.

Additionally, its cable is highly reinforced and comes with heavy-duty stainless steel spring clips that you can attach on eight different positions allowing you to use the mic without holding it. The build of the microphone also allows for the resistance of dust, wind, and even water.

Apart from having an incredible build, the microphone can deliver a crystal clear and high-quality audio. You can use the microphone with almost any two-pin radio.

Bridgecom Bcs-200 Shoulder Speaker


The BridgeCom BCS-200 Shoulder Speaker is one of the best hand-held microphones that can deliver an amazing sound. It allows you to hear the audio with ease without any excessive crackling or popping that is common with other similar microphones.

It is specially designed with a wind-porting feature that helps to reduce the amount of background noise when using the microphone. You can, therefore, use it in crowded places or in places with high winds and severe weather conditions without interfering with the quality of the audio.

Moreover, even if the microphone port is blocked with water, the audio will still pass through the microphone grill, allowing you to communicate with ease. Since it has a two-pin cable design, you can use the microphone with many two-pin Ham radios. You can also attach headphones or earbuds when using it to listen in on the sound quality.

Final Thoughts

Before you can choose a microphone to use with your Ham radio, you need to know why you need it. Are you looking to improve your overall Ham experience, or do you want to find a microphone that is durable and can last for a long time?

Your sound quality is of utmost importance, especially when using ham radio to communicate with people. If your current microphone does not deliver good sound quality, then it may not be serving its purpose.

Additionally, Ham radios can be very demanding, especially if you plan on using one for too long. Therefore, always consider the build quality of your microphone and choose only one that can last you for a long time if you do not want to spend on a new microphone regularly.

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