Best Microphones For Metal Vocals In 2023

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If you are a music producer, you understand the need to find microphones that suit the varying genres of music. Metal rock, for instance, is a genre that’s characterized by constant screaming, shouting, and squealing. As such, any producer who wants to venture into this kind of production should select mics that have a high sound pressure level and has a low sensitivity to noise.

The quality of the materials the manufacturer uses in the production also matters. If you are trying to find an excellent mic to include in your collection, here is a detailed review of microphones for metal vocals.

Shure SM57 – LC takes the lead position thanks to its ability to handle loud noise. Firstly, it has a frequency response range of between 40 – 15000 Hz. Knowing well how loud metal singers are, this mic can withstand their noise, and still manage to provide high-quality sound without distortion.

Considering that metal musicians like including instruments in their recording sessions, this microphone is the perfect fit since it can handle massive frequencies. Powering it up requires a traditional XLR cord, which is perfect for this purpose, considering that the microphone requires a steady flow of power. Best of all, it is light, which means that the singer does not suffer any consequences of holding it in their hand for extended periods.

The Comparison Table Of Best Microphones For Metal Vocals

Before you buy a microphone, you need to ask yourself a few questions. For instance, you need to know how much you are willing to spend, how many times you will use the mic to record metal vocals, what other purposes the microphone will serve, and if you intend to record in a studio or use in live performances.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of some of the best metal vocals that will give you a rough idea of what you may have to work with if you get yourself one of these mics.


Shure SM57 – LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone


Neewer 2 Pack Pencil Condenser Mic


Sennheiser Pro Audio MKH 8040


Electro-Voice RE20

Top 5 Microphones for Metal Vocals

Whether you’re looking for a mic that is useful in recording metal vocals or one that accommodates metal instruments, you need to consider getting mics that have a sturdy outer build. Metal music involves a lot of loud noise, which means that your mic should be one that can withstand harsh conditions.

However, you need to think of the price because not everyone is willing to part with thousands of dollars to get a microphone that they will probably use once or twice. With this in mind, we have come up with a detailed review of mics that work well with metal vocals. Keep scrolling to discover more about these amplifiers.

Shure SM57 – LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

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While this mic is small, it can handle some of the loudest singers, and still manage to create a balanced sound. More so, it has a strong build, which makes it the ideal choice for metal musicians. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy its:

Quick Summary

  • Light-weight
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • High-grade construction
  • Wide frequency response
  • Wired power connectivity

The Shure SM57 is ideal for both studio and concert recording since it rides on the cardioid polar pattern, and it is lightweight.

Why is this a top pick?


A light microphone is the right pick for musicians who prefer to hold mics in their hands as they sing. They don’t have to bear the side effects of holding heavier options in the market. More so, transporting this mic is not a problem now that it takes up little space.

Cardioid polar pattern

This microphone is perfect for singers who like solo acts. They do not have to worry about ambient sounds affecting the quality of their music since the mic only recognizes sounds that are directly in front of it. All other sounds that come from different directions do not get any precedence.

High-grade build

Metal musicians are known to handle mics harshly as opposed to singers from other genres. So, if you want your microphone to last longer than one use, opt for the Shure SM57. It has a tight construction than enables it to endure shakes and thrusts from the most vigorous singers.

Wide frequency response

This microphone has a frequency response range of between 40 – 15,000 Hz, thanks to the small diaphragm. As such, you know that it can handle loud singers, especially since metal vocalists are synonymous with shouting and screaming. Additionally, the mic produces a bright sound that is without distortion.

Wired connectivity

If you want to get the microphone to work, you have to connect to a direct power source, thanks to the XLR cable. It has two ends to it, which means that the mic is easy to use. You only have to connect the cable to the microphone and power source, and voila! Your device will be ready to use.


  • High-quality internal and external construction
  • Wide frequency response
  • Easy to use
  • High-grade, audible sound
  • Multi-purpose microphone


  • The quality is not consistent

Neewer 2 Pack Pencil Condenser Mic

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You can change the mic’s performance from cardioid to Omni, or super-cardioid in a minute or so. More perks of choosing this microphone include:

Quick Summary

  • Highly sensitive mic
  • It has cardioid, Omni, and super-cardioid polar patterns
  • You can use it for a vast number of purposes
  • Universal mic lip

Whether you want to use it in a studio or concert, or you want to try out outdoor recordings, this mic allows you to do so thanks to its interchangeable capsules.

Why is this a top pick?

High sensitivity

The microphone has a highly sensitive head grill that utilizes a 16 phi electric circuit. This feature creates a somewhat contrasting environment where the mic is sensitive to shallow sounds, and at the same time, it tries to lower the impact of noises that near distortion. In the end, you get to enjoy high-quality audio.

Three interchangeable capsules

Do you plan on including more than one singer in your session? Well, there is no need to get an additional microphone to fill in the gap. Simply screw in the Omni-directional capsule, and you can include as many singers as you can fit around the device. And once you’re done capturing the music, you can change to other capsules that suit your current needs.

Multi-purpose mic

One way to use this mic is to record metal vocals. Another way to use it is when you want to record any of your accompanying instruments, such as guitars, saxophones, and other loud instruments. The high sensitivity and massive phi electric circuit ensure that you do not have to contend with distortion.

Universal microphone clip

Another thing that comes as part of this package is a mic clip. The microphone rests on a 5/8 inch microphone clip, which you can utilize on other mics that are small as this one. This tool has a tight grip, and more so, you can move it around and change its position depending on what you like.

Double package

Instead of a single unit, the manufacturer gives you a dual kit. These items come in a secure aluminum case that has padding cushions inside. And the best part about this is that you enjoy the benefits of two mics at a meager price. More so, you can use all the capsules and the mic clip on both pieces effortlessly.


  • Two mics for the price of one
  • You get support hardware
  • You can use the mic for multiple uses
  • Affordable price
  • Up to six interchangeable clips


  • You may experience a loud popping sound

Sennheiser Pro Audio MKH 8040

Sennheiser Pro Audio MKH 8040

What stands out in this microphone is its maximum frequency response. This feature ensures that you do not worry about using it for surrounding recordings and vocals simultaneously.

Quick Summary

  • Condenser mic
  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Up to 50,000hz frequency response
  • Perfect for spot and surrounding recordings
  • Highly directional

With such great features, this mic performs best in noisy surroundings, especially now that it is a highly directional device.

Why is this a top pick?

Condenser microphone

As a metal artist, you need to find mics that are sensitive to loud sounds like the Sennheiser MK 8040. In addition to being sensitive to sounds that have high decibels, this microphone also has a decent transient response. The best part about this device is that the final sound output is loud but smooth.

Low inherent noise

Now that condenser microphones need an ample supply of power for them to work, it is common to experience self-noise. With the Sennheiser MK 8040, however, you experience little to no inherent noise. Therefore, you can record your music without the fear of producing low-quality sound.

Cardioid polar pattern

The microphone operates with the help of the cardioid polar pattern. When the sound hits the diaphragm, the signals push from opposite ends, causing the rear end to mute. As such, you will not hear any ambient sounds in your audio when you incorporate this mic into your recording sessions.

Super frequency response

Unlike all other microphones in this review, the Sennheiser MK 8040 boasts of a strong 50,000hz frequency response. The effect of this feature is that the singer can hit absurdly high notes and still get smooth audios that are not distorted. Better yet, you can couple this up with vocals and see how far you can stretch this microphone’s abilities.


You can use this device to record spot sounds, thanks to its polar pattern. However, if you want to capture surrounding noises, the mic gives you the chance to do so thanks to its interchangeable characters. Also, you can use this microphone for both vocals and instruments, effortlessly.

Highly directional

You will notice that the microphone works optimally and picks noise from the front or sides once you command it to do so. This feature assures you that you will get the results you desire as long as you activate the settings correctly.


  • Multiple characteristics
  • Maximum frequency response
  • Used for a variety of functions
  • Directional microphone
  • Low self-noise


  • It is costly

MXL 2006

MXL 2006

While it is the cheapest option among the five that we review in this text; it offers enough gripping space. In addition to this, you enjoy the following.

Quick Summary

  • 32mm capsule
  • Class A circuitry
  • Perfect for vocals
  • Holdable mold for singers who like to grip on mics
  • Affordable price

Why is this a top pick?


It has a 32mm diaphragm, which amplifies both low and high-pitched sounds.

Top-notch sound quality

When you’re listening to your recordings, and you are pleased with the audio quality, remember that it is the result of the class-A circuitry. This simple circuit connection keeps your audios natural and free of distortion among other noisy effects that dampen the quality of music.

Built for the vocals

Aside from the large diaphragm that captures screeching sounds, the microphone has a sensibly high-frequency response. This feature is responsible for accommodating these high notes to ensure that the music is not distorted.

Perfect mold

Singers that specify in metal music are fond of holding to the mic as they scream along to the beat. With such a big frame, they can get comfortable and grab the microphone as they create new music.

Cheaper than other picks

You can get yourself one of these mics at a friendly price. However, you should keep in mind that the price is subject to change depending on the demand/supply chain.


  • Cost-effective microphone
  • It has a perfect holdable mold
  • High-frequency response
  • Wide diaphragm
  • Superior-quality sound


  • Some kits may come without an air cap

Electro-Voice RE20

Electro-Voice RE20

The professional, yet protective build is the first thing that attracts anyone to this microphone. Other features include:

Quick Summary

  • Smooth and linear sound
  • Variable-D technology
  • Perfect for both vocals and instruments
  • High-grade magnetic shield
  • High sound pressure levels

Why is this a top pick?

Smooth and clean sound

The mic has a three-pin connector, which secures the cable in place. This is all in a bid to avoid losing the electric connection as you record, considering that such a mishap lowers the quality of the music. The three-pin connector is your gateway to the robust, clean, and smooth sound.

Variable-D technology

This feature is an Electro-voice unique patent that is responsible for dampening the pop-sound effect during vocal productions. You can, therefore, sing with your mouth pressed to the mic and still achieve the best results.

Vocal and instrument microphone

This Electro-voice RE20 is a mic created to handle loud noises. The high-frequency response, large-diaphragm, and bass roll-off switch are the key features that depict this property. However, you can use this device to capture the essence of your favorite instrument, as long as you have the right supporting hardware.

Magnetic shield

Say goodbye to those annoying hums and self-noise, thanks to this magnetic shield. Its work is to keep off any disturbances that would otherwise tamper with the quality of the metal music you create.

High SPL

Knowing well that metal musicians scream into the mics, this one has the maximum sound pressure level. What this means is that the singer can wail as loud as they like and still get good-quality audio. This microphone can handle maximum levels of noise without distorting the sound.


  • Maximum sound pressure level
  • Internal pop-filter
  • High-grade sound production
  • Multiple-use microphone
  • Protective outer cover


  • The mic makes a bizzing sound

Wrap Up

Picking the right mic to use on metal singers can be quite tricky. Even so, you need to cover the basics that ensure you end up with210512225921 the best quality music. First of all, make sure that the microphone has a  maximum SPL and a wide frequency range. Also, see to it that it uses an XLR cord as opposed to a USB cable. Most importantly, opt for mics that have a robust outer construction since they may be subjected to harsh treatment every time a new client visits your studio.

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