Best Over The Ear Microphones 2023

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Gone is the era when event hosts and speakers used to hold bulky microphones while addressing congregations. Thanks to technology, smaller but equally dynamic microphones have graced the market.

These wireless devices amplify your voice and connect wirelessly to your sound system with the help of UHF, VHF, or Wifi connections. In case you are looking for one of these devices, here is a review of five of the finest ones in the market that you should consider.

The Comparison Table


Kimafun 2.4g Wireless Microphone


Fifine Uhf Dual Channel Wireless Microphone


Jelly Comb 2.4 G Wireless Mic Headset


Hotec UHF Dual Wireless Headset and Lavalier Microphone


Dupusheng Wireless System With Headset

5 Best Over The Ear Microphones

Kimafun 2.4g Wireless Microphone

This KIMAFUN mic gets the top place, considering that it captures the essence of convenience. It comes with a variety of items that make the user experience more comfortable and efficient. Some of its key features include:


Whether you want to capture sound using a mobile phone, tablet, or high-power speaker, this gadget allows it. While its main audio jack is the 3.5mm pin, it also has a 6.5mm, which you can screw over the smaller pin so it can fit into larger sound systems. A lavalier mic is part of this deal, which means you can switch from the headset to the lavalier and back, depending on your preferences.

LCD enabled

With this backlit display, you can monitor how much power you have left before your next charge. This LCD screen also lets you see the charging progress when you are charging the battery.

Quick charge and long-lasting battery life

It takes up to 3 hours to charge the battery completely. What is more, the microphone is low consumption of energy. You can use it for up to 6 hours non-stop, making it the ideal choice for people who take part in long events. If the battery runs out, you can plug it into a handheld microphone as you change batteries.

Convenience Package

The dual USB cable enables you to charge the battery. The Y splitter, on the other hand, makes it easy for the user to plug into a smartphone or other audio device.

Low noise properties

This item can be used for speech or vocal work. This is thanks to its minimum noise property that ensures the only smooth and stable sound is emitted. And if you are within a 100 feet distance, you can enjoy steady use of this device without any dropouts.

Fifine Uhf Dual Channel Wireless Microphone

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If you’re searching for an effective and reliable over-the-ear microphone, this should be your go-to option. It has a diversity of operations, voice clarity, and zero interference by external factors. Still not convinced that this is one of the best wireless mics in the market? Here’s a breakdown of its main features.

Interference resistant

If you are continually worrying about crosstalk interfering with your transmission, this gadget will put your fears to rest. This is all thanks to the wireless UHF band that effortlessly matches the frequencies of each microphone. In addition to this, the dual-frequency design provides precise and static-free transmission.

Highly diverse

With the help of the antennas on both the transmitter and receiver, you get to enjoy a high-quality signal. This minimizes the chances of dropouts whenever the device is in use, more so in areas that have obstacles.

Hight-tech control box

This box has individual volume control knobs for each mic. These provisions allow the user to regulate each mic’s sound individually. In addition to this, all the microphones can work simultaneously without any interference.

Complete package

The wireless UHF mic system ensures that there is no interruption in the transmission. The wireless mic set includes two over-the-ear microphones, two Lavalier mics, a control box, and transmitters.

Long-range frequency

Unlike most other over-the-ear mics in the market, this FIFINE UHF over-the-ear microphone has signal leverage of up to 165ft. You can comfortably enjoy the effectiveness of this feature if you are in an open area. However, if your surrounding has several obstacles, you can still enjoy up to 15ft coverage.

Digital LCD

Whether you are running out of power, or the device is recording, the LCD will display this information. As such, you will continuously be in the know of the status of your microphone.

Jelly Comb 2.4 G Wireless Mic Headset

Jelly Comb 2.4 G Wireless Mic Headset

Anyone looking for a headset that is easy to handle should look out for the Jelly Comb 2.4 wireless mic headset because of the following features.


This headset is very light and flexible. It curves around the back of your neck perfectly without any discomfort.

Stable long-distance connection

The Jelly comb headset can connect to devices as far as 40 meters away. More so, it emits a clear and stable sound.

Enabled with two plugs

This device can be plugged into speakers with either 3.5 or 6.5mm plugs. You only have to screw the 6.5mm plug over the smaller one when you are using a speaker that has wider plug dimensions.

Quick to assemble

With or without a manual, you can bring together this device and put it to use. It has only two components which are the transmitter and receiver. As such, you can plug it onto the relevant plugs without a hassle.

Compatible with numerous gadgets

You can use this item on multiple audio devices such as speakers, voice amplifiers, stage speaker systems, bus speakers, and trolley speakers.

It is convertible

In case you want to use a handheld microphone, you can still plug this headset into it, and it will work just fine.

Hotec UHF Dual Wireless Headset and Lavalier Microphone

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If you are looking for a microphone that is compatible with several sound systems, then the Hotec UHF mic is what you’re searching for. Aside from that, this microphone has other lucrative features that make it worthwhile. These are:

Easy to set up

No need to peruse through the user’s guide when you buy this microphone considering that it is very straightforward.

Stable frequency

One of the notable aspects of this device is that it has a stable frequency. For one, the mic has 32 UHF frequencies in every channel. However, each of these frequencies has a unique code. As such, the user does not have to worry about any disruptions and interference from electric gadgets within its vicinity.

Top-notch sound

The manufacturer uses high-quality technology to ensure that listeners experience the best sound production. The output is always of the highest quality regardless of the function. So, whether you’re performing live or giving a speech, this mic assures you of the best performance.

Wide compatibility

The mark of a valuable microphone is in its compatibility and the Hotec UHF has this trait. Thanks to its 6.5mm jack pin, you can connect it to most audio devices, including bus speakers, karaoke machines, amplifiers, mixers, and P.A machine. Mobile phone users can also enjoy using this mic if they have a smaller jack pin adapter.

Dupusheng Wireless System With Headset

Dupusheng Wireless System With Headset

Some buyers are always looking out for the cheapest bargain. They prefer less expensive mics over expensive ones. If you are one such buyer, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy when you get yourself this wireless mic.


It is critical to note that this device costs $41, which is cheap as compared to some of the costly ones reviewed above that go for 100 dollars or even more. So, getting it should be relatively easy considering that you spend much less on it.

25 preset frequencies

With 25 frequencies, you can enjoy clear sound transmission without the fear of constant interruptions. More so, the mic uses automatic tuning software, which means you do not have to twist any knobs trying to connect the supporting gadgets to the mic.

Long-range frequency leverage

If you are in an open area, this mic can serve up to 100 feet. However, the frequency leverage distance reduces quite significantly in spaces that have obstacles that obstruct the signal.

High comfort levels

Everything from the bodypack to the microphone is custom-made to provide the utmost comfort. And in case you get tired of using the over-the-ear microphone, the lapel mic will be on standby to ease your task.

Diverse uses

It is best used in live performances, including but not limited to music performances, class presentations, weddings, as well as other live presentations. As such, these wireless microphones are best used with massive sound systems. In case you want to use it on a smaller device, say a mobile phone or tablet, you may have to screw in the smaller 3.5 jack pin to make it compatible.

Over the Ear Microphone Buyers Guide

Buying these microphones can be a hassle, especially if it is your first time getting them. You need to ensure that you get the best item for the amount you pay. Rather than speculate on what to look out for and what to ignore, take a look at some of the properties you should search for when buying these mics.

UHF or VHF enabled

If you intend to use a single mic, then you will be fine getting either UHF or VHF-enabled mics. However, if the event you are hosting is a big one, you may need to use multiple mics. As such, you have to get both UHF and VHF frequency mics. Using one type will frustrate you, considering that there will be massive interference between similar frequencies. And while this is uncommon, it is always to stay on the safe side by getting both options.

Power usage

These mics use batteries to power them. However, some microphones consume more energy as compared to others. This is because the specifications differ from one manufacturer to the other. So, it would be advisable to buy one that consumes less power. This way, you won’t have to change batteries often, especially during lengthy events. Additionally, you would be better off picking a mic that comes with rechargeable batteries. It saves you the trouble of spending money on batteries often.

Set-up procedure

Buying a complicated mic will cost you a lot of time. Take an example where you hire a new sound person who is not conversant with your mic and how it operates. It will take him a lot of time trying to figure out how the item works. You can save yourself the trouble by purchasing plug-and-play mics.


Only pick mics that are manufactured by trustworthy companies. Established companies are known to make durable products, which will serve you for an extended time before you replace them. If you can find one that has a warranty that would be even better. You get the assurance that in case anything goes wrong, you can always consult the manufacturer.


It is okay to find yourself a mic that is powerful and effective, but how much are you willing to spend on it? You don’t want to experience a mini heart attack every time you look at your receipt. So, consider how much you are ready to pay for the mic. If what you like is beyond your spending limit, browse the shop for other options. However, remember not to settle for mediocre in the name of saving cash.


Several upcoming manufacturers have come up with new items in an attempt to cap the increasing need for wireless mics. However, some of these manufacturers are still new in the industry, which means that they are yet to master some of the basics of production. As such, it is not uncommon to find mics that are slightly heavier than others. Such gadgets may give you a hard time when it comes to molding the wire at the back considering that they will constantly fall from where you position them. Find mics with discreet heads to ensure that the users have a smooth time when using them.

Frequency agility

When shopping for a wireless mic, you are bound to come across the term pre-set frequency. Different companies offer mics with varying frequencies. Once you put the mic to use, you chose the type that suits your location. For you to be on the safe side, it is best to pick mics with many frequencies. If you find one that has 32 or more of these presets, that would be great. In case you are in a volatile location, where most people use these mics, then that would give you options to choose from. Get yourself a mic that searches for the frequencies automatically, then suggests the best options for you.

Some companies and churches use lesser frequencies than others. This means that they do not have to get mics with extended bandwidths. As for those that use several wireless channels, the best way to go forward is to get a license. More so, such entities should pick bandwidths that are close to one another. This ensures that the listeners enjoy voice clarity and that there are minimum instances of disruptions.

Final Take

When looking for the best over-the-ear microphone, ensure that you pick one that has an unlimited frequency bandwidth. It will offer you enough choices to select from, especially if you intend to use the mic in areas that are crowded with other active frequencies. Even so, ensure that you consider the price tag before settling for one of these items.

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