Best Microphone Isolated Shield In 2023

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You may have heard of isolation shields, but you have no idea what purpose they serve. What exactly are they? And why are they important? In a short explanation, they are long and wide blocks of foam material, which producers use in the studio to block unwanted sounds from interfering with the audio.

In most cases, isolation shields take the form of a curve. However, it is not uncommon to find others that have a V or box shape. And while most of these items are static, some are made using malleable material, which means that you can mold them into your desired form to suit your preferences.

As you will discover, isolation shields have to be of high quality for them to function optimally. More so, a good isolation shield should be made out of durable material so that it can serve you for a long time before you’re forced to replace it. If you are looking to find one of these items, scroll through this text for in-depth insight into what you need to look for in them.

Our Top Pick – Aokeo Professional Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield

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The first striking thing about this microphone is the design. It has a rugged interface, which is useful in stopping the movement of noise, thereby killing it altogether. It boasts of decent width and height, aspects that allow it to function optimally. More so, it is a light item, so you can move it about in case you want to change locations. Best of all, this isolation shield can be folded or straightened out to suit your likes. And with a metallic cover securing it from the back, you get assurance that the item will last for a considerably long time.

The Comparison Table

Before selecting any isolation shield, you need to understand some of its key speculations, so you know which one is perfect for your work. Take a look at the comparison table below to see a quick assessment between the available options in this review.


Aokeo Professional Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield


Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield


SE Electronics Reflection Filter Pro


LyxPro VRI-40Portable Acoustic Isolation Instrument Shield


Aston Microphones Halo Portable Reflection Filter

Top 5 Microphone Isolation Shields

Using a pop-filter alone is not sufficient. At times you need to add an extra shield to ensure that you get the smoothest production. This is why you need to find an isolation shield that will enable you to record noise-free music. You have to peruse through several options before settling for one that makes sense to you.

Each producer looks for specific attributes in an isolation shield, depending on their work intensity. Some people are fond of instruments, which means that they can only benefit from a filter meant for this purpose. Others host singers, so they have to look for isolation filters that work best in such scenarios. The same applies to producers who record voice-overs.

And while at it, several other factors that include quality, sturdiness, the price range, design, and size will affect the choice-making process. In case you are wondering which isolation shield will best suit your purpose, here are five of the best isolation shields that you may want to consider buying.

Aokeo Professional Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield

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If you are looking for an isolation shield that is versatile in its performance, you may want to look at this Aokeo shield. Everything from its design to the heavy-duty pop filter layers, and the material used in its production speak of excellence. Here is a quick review of its most significant specs.

Quick Summary

  • Sturdy aluminum shield
  • 3-layer pop filter
  • Double mounting option
  • Flexible
  • Ergonomic design

This filter works best in studios with soundproof walls, but you can also use it in a regular room.

Why is this a top pick?


While the front and middle sections are made using foam and cotton, the back part and the connecting joints are pure steel. This feature provides security to the shield, ensuring that it not only survive hard falls but that it also lasts long.


With up to three layers, this shield provides the ultimate sound-muffling properties. The top layer ensures that the noise does not bounce back and forth, causing noise while the metal sheet offers ventilation while reflecting other sounds coming from the back.

Double mounting option

Whether you want to use it on your desk or you prefer standing as you record, you can do so. The pop filter has a stand rod, which you can use to connect to a stand. More so, the sound filter has a mic stand, which you can use to secure the mic in place as you record audio.

Ergonomic design

This isolation shield is made in a way that makes it easy to use. You can fold it however you like anytime you are in the studio. More so, you can close it up completely once you’re done recording for secure storage.


Whenever you’re traveling out of your regular jurisdiction, or you want to store the shield after using it, you can easily do so by folding it. This is because the isolation shield is dissected into hinged foldable sections, which make it easy for you to store it.


  • Flexible
  • High noise reduction properties
  • Reflects noise coming from the back area
  • It is versatile
  • Superior quality


  • It does not have a stand

Monoprice Microphone Isolation Shield

When you are looking for an isolation shield that has extended flaps, this should be your go-to choice. It has the perfect length, one that allows you to use it in any setting without having to suffer when transporting it. The summary below gives you highlights of its most admirable features.

Quick Summary

  • Acoustic front foam
  • Dual clamp mounting bracket
  • Multi-layered
  • Breathable metal backplate
  • 5/8” thread adapter

Why is this a top pick?

Foam front

Foam is well known as the item that muffles noises, giving you a noise-free product. So, you can imagine how useful this shield is, considering that it has 23.5*15.4*11 inches of this substance.

Two mounting brackets

This isolation shield has two mounting brackets. Each of these serves an individual purpose. With one, you can mount the microphone, and the other the stand. As such, your isolation shield is secured in place without interfering with the mic.

High-density layers

You get to work with a three-layered shield. The first and second layers consist of foam and cotton, which silence any noise. As for the outer metal shield, it is useful in ensuring that your hardware does not wear off quickly, giving you years of use before replacing it.

Breathable backplate

Aside from keeping the inner material in place, the backplate is useful in ensuring that there is enough air moving through these items. More so, the backplate reflects any noise from the surrounding so that it does not alter the quality of your audio.

Thread adapter

You can use this microphone with two types of mics, now that it comes with the 3”8 and 5”8 thread adapters.


  • Great size
  • Easily manipulated to suit the environment
  • It comes with two mounting brackets
  • It is made out of high-density foam
  • Strong and long-lasting


  • The tools do not mesh well

Se Electronics Reflection Filter Pro

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This isolation shield is one that can be used anywhere to produce professional results. The manufacturer takes the liberty of making it using several layers, to ensure that it matches up to the expectations.

Quick Summary

  • Three reflection filters
  • Multi-layer technology
  • Stable hardware
  • Versatile
  • Attractive design

The SE electronics reflection filter is highly versatile, which makes it ideal for any room, whether the room is sound-proofed or not.

Why is this a top pick?

Three reflection filters

While most isolation shields have a single reflection sheet, this one has three. One at the back and the others are distributed in the middle of this piece. This means that the shield leaves no chances for any noise to penetrate through any time you are recording music.

Multi-layer mechanics

This type of technology is very advanced. You get to enjoy heavy-duty sound muffling properties at all times. The multiple layers offer additional sound muting properties, to make sure that you enjoy pure sound productions.

Stable hardware

The supporting hardware is made using steel. This is responsible for stabilizing the shield, and it determines how long your isolation shield will last. Steel is among the most long-lasting metals, so you know your shield will serve you for an extended time.


Whether you are in a studio or are shooting a video in your living room, this shield works just fine. Thanks to its multi-layer system, it works in all environments, ensuring that you enjoy clear sound consistently.

Attractive design

Unlike other items in this review, this sound shield has a smooth front. Not only is this an attractive feature, but it also makes it easy to fold once your task is complete. Also, since it can fold up well, this isolation shield does not take up much space within your room.


  • Strong supporting hardware
  • Multiple layers of foam
  • Usable in any environment
  • Three reflection filters
  • Attractive foldable design


  • Very heavy, making it challenging to balance on most boom stands

Lyxpro Vri-40 Portable Acoustic Isolation Instrument Shield

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Sometimes, all you are looking for is a portable isolation shield that’s worth your instrument. One that will single out your instrument’s noise, eliminate all other surrounding sounds, and is easy to carry around. Here is a snippet of one such item.

Quick Summary

  • Portable
  • Easy to mount
  • Compact design
  • Light-weight
  • Good quality

Why is this a top pick?


Take one look at this isolation shield and you will notice that it is small. This aspect makes it a perfect carry-around noise filter. You can carry it in your hand language easily without moving things around the bag to make room for it.

Easy to mount

Considering that this item is mostly used to filter noise when playing instruments, it is mandatory to attach it to a stand. And since it has two mounting brackets, you do not need any manual to figure out how to put this item together.

Compact design

While this item comes in several sizes, this particular one is in a mini size. Therefore, you cannot fold it or manipulate it any further to change its size or structure.


As mentioned earlier in this text, the isolation shield is pretty small. As such, it takes the lead in being one of the lightest sound shields in the market. More so, it has two layers, an aspect that cuts back on its weight significantly.

Good quality

For an isolation shield with two layers, this item is pretty impressive. Its noise reduction properties are very high, more so because this shield can be used in live events. Additionally, this shield has a thick layer of EVA foam, which is essential in absorbing sound.


  • Very light
  • Compact design that makes it easy to carry around
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Multi-purpose
  • Flexible gooseneck


  • You can only use it in conjunction with one instrument at a time

Aston Microphones Halo Portable Reflection Filter

619yezaoS. AC SL1000

This isolation shield has a unique design, unlike others reviewed in this text. It is light, highly effective, easy to mount and use, and has impressive reflection properties. Here are its best attributes at a glance.

Quick Summary

  • 360 degrees filtering
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • It covers an expansive surface area
  • Reflection filter
  • Patented design

Aston Halo sound shield takes the form of a curve, which makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor shoots. And thanks to its light nature, carrying it about should not be a problem.

Why is this a top pick?

All-round filtering

Most other shields cover only the vertical area. However, this Aston reflection filter takes care of both vertical and horizontal spaces. So, you know that this isolation has got you covered every time you hit the studio to record music or voiceovers.

Incredibly light

If you judge this book by its cover, especially in regards to weight, you may end up getting something else that looks much smaller. This shield may look big, but it is feather-light. Moving the sound filter from one location is not a problem, as long as you have a spacious automobile that it can fit in.

Covers an enormous surface area

The isolation shield measures 23*13*20 inches, which is quite a significant surface area. However, this is a benefit considering that the shield can cover an expansive surface area, which translates to even high-quality sound. On the flip side, you cannot fold this item if you want to have a tighter recording space.

Reflection filtering properties

Aside from silencing unwanted sounds within the room, this filter also reflects sound. Any noise that comes from behind this filter is bounced back into the environment. So, if you have people in the room that are chattering as you record, their sounds bounce back once they hit the shield’s backside.

Patented design

Most other isolation shields have a rectangular design, with foldable sides. As for this one, it takes the shape of a curve. The inside is ribbed using acoustic felt. These wave-like shapes are the ones responsible for throwing back any noise in the surroundings as you sing.


  • Lighter than most of its competitors
  • It has a unique patented make
  • it covers a large surface area
  • Its reflective features are top-notch
  • Vertical and horizontal filtering properties


  • It is quite large, making it difficult to transport


Anyone working in a studio recognizes the need to use more than a microphone’s pop filter if they want to create music that is worth listening to. While pop filters and windshields are good, they do not offer the much-required smoothness in audio.

So once you decide to use an isolation noise shield, make sure that you choose one that suits your needs. There is no reason to opt for a massive shield if all you ever do is play instruments. Consider what works best for you, and be mindful of the budget.

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