Best Omnidirectional Microphones

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Omnidirectional microphones are microphones that can pick the sound from all directions and record the signals.

Recording with the best omnidirectional mics is easy and can give you significant tonal advantages with no excess gain.

They record the sounds from 0-360 degrees, and the user may speak in any direction, and the microphone will pick the sound.

Omni mics also give you way less wind noise, vibrations, popping, and no chance that you’ll be outside of the polar pattern.

Now, when deciding which omnidirectional microphone to choose, you might find it confusing with the many mics in the market.

Fortunately, in this article, we have done a review of the best omnidirectional microphones.


Rode is a reputable microphone brand and has been in the market for many years. They are now offering us the SmartLav+. This Rode omnidirectional microphone is among the better omnidirectional microphones used in a wide range of broadcasts or television. They are commonly used when the professional quality of the recordings is needed.

The user can mount the microphone, then connect it with the smartphone headset and record it. Versatility is allowed during the mounting process and ensures that operation in a friendly way is conducted.

With the help of a condenser capsule with a 360 polar pattern that is of high quality, the smartLav picks the sound around the microphone. The foam pop shield minimizes the noise and vocal plosives. The smartLav is compatible with apps that enable input from the connection in the headset.

This mic also features a Kevlar-reinforced cable that ensues high durability as they won’t be easily stretched in the cause of your use. Its clip is also designed to endure the rigors of regular use. A foam windscreen serves as a pop filter to shield against wind noise. When looking for the best Omni microphones, you should highly consider this mic.

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Samson DE50x Microphone is another excellent omnidirectional headset microphone best for live and vocal applications. It provides a comfortable and design which is discreet. The Samson DE50x is designed with an adjustable frame that secures it and makes it comfortable it fits. It has four adapters, and it can be used with wireless systems.

It comes with an omnidirectional pickup pattern that captures the sound around the capsule evenly. The position of the capsule can be placed anywhere, and the result is clear. It has four windscreens that help reduce the noise from the wind and pop-ups and a protective carry case to protect it. The headset is good for to be used by instructors in fitness centers and live performance.

Featuring gold-plated connectors, stainless steel mesh grille, and moisture-resistant coating, this product is exceptionally durable. Also, rated at IP65, its material is water and dust resistant. With a flat smooth frequency response and a bump at 10kHz, this Omni mic gives you exceptional vocal clarity.

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Deity Microphones by Amazon is another popular product of omnidirectional microphones which has a microdot. It is designed to produce clear and natural speech. The cable attached to it is 4.9, and it is terminated by Microdot for integration with the transmitter. The condenser capsules ensure that there are a flat frequency and polar pattern. The condenser also produces accurate speech. The foam inhibits the wind noise.

The omnidirectional polar pattern ensures that the sound around 4.9 attached cable is picked from all directions. The Microdot adapter allows connection to choose the wireless microphone. They are designed in a way that they work well together. The new Lavalier microphone, which was released recently, does not need adapters to work with phones, personal computers, or just configures then works with that device.

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Sennheiser is another omnidirectional microphone which is designed in a way that can capture speech and vocals. It comes with an elegant black finish, and it focuses on the frequency response. It is compatible with digital transmission systems.

Although the mic has a premium price, it offers high-quality sound with minimal ambient noise that is worth the price. One of the great features of this Omni mic is high speech intelligibility. As Sennheiser gives a frequency response, the repetition narrows the range.

The model features a housing that is lightweight with an improved clip and an integrated windscreen. The cable length is 5.2,’ and this makes it flexible and loose to fit any situation. The mic is also easily attached to clothing.

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Kaysuda Omnidirectional Microphone is manufactured by Kaysuda, and it can connect with a personal computer, tablet, and smartphone through Bluetooth or USB. It is plugged into the computers USB port to conference calls at any comfortable place. It can receive a voice of 360 degrees despite the long distance.

The lightweight design helps minimize mobility, and on the other hand, the integrated cord prevents awkward jumbles. This mic is portable because of its small size, making it convenient to use in fixed offices or even mobile offices.

When using this device, the PC or other devices should have an updated Bluetooth driver. It has compatible software, which includes zooming a Skype. The technology enhances HD’s voice and ensures that the sound is very clear. It has crystal clear chat, which can minimize the unwanted background noise and ensure the clarity of the conversation.

The Kaysuda omnidirectional mic is effective for teaching online courses, Skype chat, conference calls, and call centers. At the conference, it can pick about 3-4 people, while for those standing, it can cover from 7-10 feet away. It can be used as a small speaker if the speaker is set as default.

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The Saramonic UwMic 96 is the best microphone, which is mostly used for videography, a field recording, TV broadcast interviews. It has a headphone jack, which allows the user to monitor in real-time using the headphones, mostly with cameras without the monitor output. The camera is mounted with a wireless receiver, and the auto-scan searches transmission frequency. The transmitter is furnished with a muting function, and the power output can be switched.

The receiver has a changeable padded hand, which enhances steadiness when it is being held. It is simple to set up and has an efficient operation. The transmitter is power-driven by AA batteries, while the receiver has internal rechargeable battery powers. The headphones are connected to the receiver’s headphone jack so that you can be monitoring.

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Kacallap microphone is another best omnidirectional microphone that is pulling its weight nicely. This mic allows the working distance of upto30 feet in open areas and areas with obstacles. The power output can be adjusted from high low settings an also the medium settings.

The mic’s headphone jack is convenient, and it allows monitoring of the audio and adjustment of the settings until you get the desired audio quality. The transmitter has high quality omnidirectional capacitive microphone ensuring recordings are carried out without any distractions.

It uses two AA batteries or an external micro USB power supply where the battery can be charged simultaneously. When charging, the battery in the battery compartment should be checked to confirm if it is rechargeable to prevent accidents. The packs can also be powered using a USB port without necessarily using the batteries. Kacallap Allap-W1 Wireless microphone utilizes the technology that has little interference and high Signal Stability.

This mic is easy to use since the display screen is significant, and it does not have complex operations. You can perform real-time monitoring on the receiver’s side. They are portable, and they can be easily mounted on the cloth since they have clips use to attach them to the clothes. The receiver also has an adapter used to mount to the mirrorless cameras.


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Movo is a company with a great desire to enable content creators to do what they do best with professionalism and ease using affordable and simple equipment. Movo LV1-DI omnidirectional microphone is a mic designed professionally for iPhone and iPad. This mic is ideal for presentations and public speaking.

The microphone produces clear and quality sound since it has a windscreen that allows recording of noise-free audio. It is versatile and compatible because of the clip, which can be used for smartphones and audio recorders. It has a cable that is 20-feet, long, and this enables the user to move and record the videos from a distance. This cable may be convenient or cumbersome based on what you are doing.

Its battery is a very tight fit, and therefore it cannot be removed quickly. When used with a phone recording app, it is plugged into a phone and does not even require to be powered by the batteries. This Omni microphone is also ideal for filming YouTube videos. Its discreet, elegant finish makes it blend well into shots and promises durability through loads of projects.

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Omnidirectional microphones are recommended in cases where the audience needs to hear sounds from various directions, and they can lessen the disturbing sound of the wind. Choosing the right and best type of omnidirectional microphone is crucial, as this brings out the best sound quality during the performance. If you’ve been trying to pick up multiple sounds at once with your mic in vain, go for the above reviewed omnidirectional microphones.

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