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Smartphone microphones are incredibly worthy tools for enhanced video and audio records. Fortunately, we use our smartphones regularly to record quick videos. For the best results, it is highly advisable to attach a mic to a smartphone for better audio quality.

This review gives a hint on the best mics for smartphones available today. Microphones are useful in cases where you’re undertaking anything with your smartphone remotely. That includes audio, where an external device is a necessity to ensure that the user is able to obtain the quality of their phone records.  We will give various ranges of the best microphone for the money available in the market.

The final decision will depend on the microphone buyer’s taste and preferences. This review will expose interested candidates to a wide knowledge of the functionality, reliability, and costs of these best-selected mics. Generally, it will assist users in making the best shopping decisions.

Factors to Consider When Buying Smartphone Microphones

  • Cost – the smartphone microphones must be pocket-friendly. Although, it all depends on the microphone quality, reliability, and functionality. Smartphone microphones of higher quality are probably expensive. This is worth the deal because they will last long. Again constant breakdowns will be kept a bay. For that reason, buyers should look for smartphone microphones whose price is worth it.
  • Performance – this is yet another great factor to consider when buying a microphone. Microphone performance should be ascertained based on user needs. Some microphones are ideal for single users while others do support multiple recordings. Buyers have to make a choice on whether to acquire microphones with cables or to go wireless. Wireless microphones do support the performer’s freedom of movement. That is, with their hands and around the stage. They do minimize the chances of tripping on microphone cables.
  • User devices – buyers should consider microphones that connect well with their devices. Some microphones are only android enabled. Although, there are several others that do support iOS and almost all smartphone connectivity.
  • Reliability- Users should consider microphone consistency, especially for those undertaking stage performances such as interviews.
  • Portability – According to my own opinion ideal to go for light and small-sized microphones. Not only will it ease portability, but it will make it easily retrievable when required. Smartphone microphones with clips are also an added advantage.

Best Microphone for Smartphones

After hours and hours of research and testing, we found the best mic for smartphones to be the Blue Raspberry Mic. This condenser microphone comes with two cables which include a Micro USB to lightning and USB-A to Micro USB. It has a headphone jack and stands. It is ideal for both iPhone, Android phones, and PCs.

It produces an outstanding sound for both voice and instrument recordings. The only shortcoming we noticed out lightly is that physically it does not look premium despite its competitive price. Its performance and functionality including compatibility with the latest phones like iPhone 11 earned it the top position.

The Comparison Table


Blue Raspberry Mic – Multipurpose and Compatible with Various Devices


Apogee MIC Plus – Premium Quality


Saramonic SmartMic – Cheap and Good Quality


Rode VideoMic Me


Dayton Audio iMM – 6


Rode SmartLav+

Best Microphones for Smartphones

1. Blue Raspberry Mic – Multipurpose and Compatible with Various Devices


It is a distinct runner-up microphone that sits next to a smartphone. Blue Raspberry is a desktop mic that does mount on smartphones. This is our first choice.

It is the best choice for users who prefer this type of setup. For that reason, Blue Raspberry does dominate the game world. However, it all depends on this microphone release model.

Currently, there is a unique make that spans through USB. It is ideal for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC. The recommended Blue Raspberry is used in mobile gaming, music production, YouTube, voice-overs, and podcasting. Although, users have to locate stationary positions for mobile gaming. The Blue Raspberry is a lightning and portable USB microphone that conveys recording software such as musical instruments.


  • Micro USB to lightning
  • USB ports
  • Portable pouch
  • Head jack


  • 24-bit audio, it is much more complicated than the quality of the stock.
  • Absent latency monitoring.
  • Cables absence, hence enhanced movement.
  • Nice carrying pouch.


  • Reduced freedom of movement.
  • It does not support multiple users.

We highly recommend Blue raspberry because it is a viable option and versatile for various readers. It does convey different intentions for the latest smartphone microphones.

2. Apogee MIC Plus – Premium Quality


This is our second-best mic. It is mostly used for home studio audio records. Apogee MIC smartphone version is available in the market. It is quite interesting because these smartphone specs are quite ideal and reliable for enhanced audio records.

Apogee MIC+ does compete favorably with various tiny condensers for a home studio. This is a wire-free audio ideal for your smartphone. This is a notable Lavalier mic. It offers a leeway and a more convenient way of making records without worries about wires connections. It is a universal microphone. Easily connects with Androids and iOS users having them. It uses the frequency spectrum in making broadcasts.

The volume is easily adjustable to the receiver. Compact headphones assist in easy input monitoring. Users may also acquire multiple headphones in cases where they want to record multiple people. Good sound quality s ensured within a decent length. The Apogee MIC + is a professional quality microphone for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Although, you have to be willing to spend a decent amount of cash.

The audio quality is quite promising which creates a sense of security for users who need high profile audio records. The Mic preamp is quite adjustable on the microphone that allows on-the-fly mixes.

The latency recording it’s automatically plugged in and play3. It resembles Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The nifty LED lights assist in indicating the input level for monitoring. 

The inability of Apogee to mount on the camera, pushes many microphone users away who are not comfortable with it. Moreover, it is the best choice for those who are comfortable with holding it close to the audio sources.

Positioning it stationary ensures the user is comfortable with what they are doing. The Apogee MIC Plus is the most expensive Mic in this list but the best pick for individuals who can afford it.


  • LED lighting
  • 96 kHz audio quality.
  • Mic preamp gain of 46dB.


  • 96 kHz/24-bit audio quality.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • 46 dB microphone preamp gain.
  • Ideal zero recording latency.
  • LED lighting.


  • Limited music, gaming, voice-overs, podcasts, and interviews.
  • Hardly mounts on a Smartphone camera.

3. Saramonic SmartMic – Cheap and Good Quality


The Saramonic SmartMic is a tiny condenser mic that is slightly directional. It plugs directly into a smartphone using the 3.55mm TRRS Connector.

It does not have a cord. It is compatible with Android, IOS phones, or PCs having the aforementioned jack. Despite its low price point, it was found to be quite versatile and had fairly good sound quality.

It delivers fairly good audio quality in a quiet place but is not very good in noisy spaces. This is an average mic for someone who wants to make personal or beginner videos. When used properly the audio quality is good.

It’s articulating joint allows it to be pointed in the most strategic direction. Its audio pickup can be classified as slightly directional. This translates to the minimization of interfering sounds.

The Saramonic SmartMic has an inbuilt damper also known as a shock mount. This minimizes the recording of bumps on the smartphone.

It is ideal for beginner vloggers, podcasting, or audio interviews on the go. A creator does not require a crew to setup microphones or audio recorders. If you are a beginner on a budget, this is a suitable mic.


  • Directional 90° mic capsule
  • 3.5 mm jack (TRRS) connector for iOS and Mac
  • Electret condenser
  • 35 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response
  • 21 g


  • Lowers background noise
  • Comes with a foam windscreen
  • Integrated shock mount
  • Cheap


  • Low build quality (handle with care)
  • Average sound quality

4. Rode VideoMic Me


This is our best pick. It is the latest high-quality smartphone microphone. Rode is our favorite brand with several useful specs. It is designated for iPhone users only. However, Rode VideoMic is ideal for iOS users as well. This microphone ensures high quality and reliability. It can definitely work with various Android devices. Although, the input headset has to be on the opposite side. Hence, users will not be able to locate the Smartphone while filming with Android devices.

The Rode VideoMic is made of lightweight material that can be fitted on the camera. Fortunately, we have the latest version of Rode with Rycote Shock mount integrated with a Rode. It is a highbred video mic that generates high-quality broadcast sound with a compact format. The Rode VideoMic is the most versatile video ever that is available on Amazon.


  • Fixed input headset.
  • Fixed rode
  • High-end furry windshield.


  • Rode connects easily to the headphone socket.
  • Fixed flexible mounting space, it assists in fitting both selfie and primary camera.
  • High-end accessory of the furry windshield, it assists users in ensuring that S’s and P’s are kept bay while recording.
  • Affordable


  • Reduced battery life, notably no single wireless device that does run on wireless mode without consuming a lot of power.
  • Short life expectancy

5. Dayton Audio iMM – 6


Here comes, our third-best choice. It is the best pick for individuals pursuing cheaper solutions. The Dayton does capture smartphone audio incredibly well. Dayton Audio iMM – 6 conveys a slim and sleek design. Hence, it is convenient and easily portable. The Dayton Audio is a measurement microphone that includes musical instruments. High-quality solution for iPad and iPhone that gets 24-bit high-end recording quality. Ensures smooth conversation and clear sounds. It attaches easily to a smartphone with a 30 or lightning pin.

Try this, if you are a user who wants a mountable and simple smartphone microphone. Although Dayton Audio Imm – 6 is quite cheap, it also conveys reliable audio recording features available in expensive Mics. Thus, its price should not be something to worry about, if buyers are content with Dayton features.

Dayton does pair well with Galaxy, Surface Pros, and other devices. In regard to records, Dayton assists in determining signals and accessing playbacks. The overall Dayton design might last an investment because it’s rugged enough. It is incredibly cheap when compared to other related tools offering similar services. Dayton Audio Imm 6 is notably compatible with almost all smartphone devices. As such, most smartphones are iOS only. Check out if this Smartphone meets your needs and you will definitely save a great deal of cash.


  • Omnidirectional pattern.
  • condenser


  • Easily parable with the different iOS devices and different types of smartphones, although, proper input is a requirement.
  • It is a condenser microphone with lines or headphones, this assists in listening to playbacks and signal tests.
  • Cheap
  • Omnidirectional pattern, ideal for capturing multiple directions.


  • Less significant recording quality.
  • Short life expectancy.

6. Rode SmartLav+

51vNgWtp2L. AC SL1500

This is our last but not least good pick. The Rode SmartLav + is also known as a Lavalier microphone. It is small-sized. For that reason, it does clip well on clothes and other gear that assists it to capture audio. Rode SmartLav is commonly used by news anchors and in interviews that you have likely seen around on Television.

I definitely, adore this microphone because it pairs incredibly well with various smartphones. It does support Android and iOS connectivity as well. The small size ensures an easy setup that doesn’t span across the user’s entire body. A small Lavalier with a 4.5mm miniature microphone is ideal for buyers willing to use it for their own advantage.

The SmartLav is an omnidirectional microphone for Smartphones and iPhones. This is among the useful and interesting solutions for smartphone microphones. It conveys several positive reviews. This review mostly appraises its overall effectiveness and high quality. This can mount well on both digital cameras and iPhones.

This model comes along with a wire. It is a serious challenge when undertaking individual records. Although when capturing other people’s audio and filming them it’s easy because the wire it’s quite long and non-intrusive. The user has to download an external app in order to work. However, the Ride Rec App is the most ideal which is easily used and highly rated.

During post-production, users have to make sure that they synch up their audio later.  Fortunately, there are numerous Apps for syncing up smartphones. Regardless, this is the best microphone for smartphones especially in cases where users need a lavalier mic. It assists in upgrading the clunky audio.


  • Omnidirectional patterns
  • Microphone clip (lavalier)


  • Convenient and portable.
  • Small-sized
  • Omnidirectional setup for adjustable configurations.


  • Wire connection disturbances.
  • External app requirement.

Benefits of Using Smartphones Microphones

There are a multitude of benefits of owning up a microphone that includes the following;

  • They are generally light which is easily transferrable and usable.
  • High sound quality, Smartphone microphones have the ability to capture various frequency range that is ideal for idea records.
  • With improved audio, smartphone microphones have the ability to ensure clear soundtracks.
  • Easily connects with Smartphones, iOS, and other devices.
  • Fixed headphone socket that assists in easy transfer of records.
  • Applicable in-home and studio records.

Our Take

The above mic reviews are compiled by a researcher focused on the best equipment for smartphones. Different smartphone microphones exist for various purposes. Individual microphone possesses their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.

It all depends on peculiarities, user’s needs, and mics’ designated use. For example, when using headset microphones users have to ensure that the distance between the mouth and microphone remains constant. However, wires are also believed to restrict users’ movements.

The Smartphone microphones with USB cables ensure that users are able to use these devices without having to install a sound card. Although, they are required to convey USB ports. The desktop microphone includes performance-related buttons for settings adjustments. Hence, this article is ideal for individuals looking for recommendations on how to undertake their latest shopping endeavors.

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