Best ASMR Microphones In 2022

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ASMR videos have revolutionized the world with stimulating sounds. When you take a quick search online, you will be mesmerized by how millions of people worldwide have shifted their attention to this new revolution.

Usually, the ASMR videos include binaural sound, whispers, and to a greater extent, a defined ambient noise.

Nowadays, even the most established pop singers, models, and promoters are doing their ASMR videos.

If you are in the sound industry, then investing in the right ASMR microphone is the best idea.

But if you have a challenge with picking the best ASMR microphone, don’t worry, this article is here to sort you out. Keep scrolling, and you will get it easy to make up your, herein are some of the top ASMR microphones picks just for you.

Top 9 Best ASMR Microphones

1) Audio Technica At2020usb+ Studio Condenser Mic


The AT2020USB+ is among the best plugs & play USB microphones designed with condenser construction and proper side address. This type of ASMR Microphone has a cardioid polar pattern, making it unique in collecting sound only from the front and preventing background sound destructions. The music recorded from the AT2020USB+ is of top quality and is CD compatible.

Using a computer to record ASMR videos, then a USB microphone is a dream comes true; it makes the entire recording a simple task. Unlike most other models that are limited to specific devices, the AT2020USB+ is compatible with Mac computers, and the windows, which make this microphone, stand out for video recordings.

On the technical side of things, the AT2020USB+ microphone has a headphone jack of about 3.5 mm. The headphone is essential for monitoring the real-time sound recording, and audio control includes the level knobs for headphone positioning. The AT2020USB+ package is robust and consists of a sturdy tripod standing for mounting the microphone and a carrying pound. The AT2020USB+ is very good with recording instrumentals, and if you want to play your guitar and record it, then this is the best microphone for you. 

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2) Rode Nt1-a Anniversary Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone


The Rode NT1-A is one of the best USB microphones, it is a condenser type with good cardioid polar patterns, and it also works well with different operating devices as it is plug and plays receiver. This microphone delivers a distinct crisp sound. It has a pop shield included in its package, which adequately deals with all plosives.

The onboard controls of the Rode NT include a computer, headphone level knobs, and headphone panning. All the USB microphones are very popular with the ASMR crowd; they are the simplest sound projection devices that anyone uses without any formal training.

Also, this microphone is compatible with almost all operating systems available. The use of plug-and-play microphones is a plus for users because they don’t have to install any software or additional drivers for the receivers to function. The other likable feature of Rode NT is the onboard control package.

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3) Blue Yeti Usb Mic


A good microphone is the one that is simple to use for recording ASMR videos and control on the fly. This microphone has robust volume controls low latency and the provision of muting the microphone when necessary. Blue Yeti is an excellent microphone for beginners, and it has a terrific control system that is self-explanatory to any user, either skilled or bot.

The Blue Yeti design is a thing of beauty. It boasts of a metal casing with a sturdy desk stand that can withstand the strain. This microphone is also a USB plug and plays with three condenser capsules, and it produces very refined sound. It comes with an audio jack of 3.5 mm pin for headphones; this makes the microphone unique and desired by many; it aids you with a platform to listen to a real-time recording.

The onboard controls of the Blue Yeti are robust with volume knobs, mute buttons, gain knobs, and polar patterns. The polar pattern featured in Blue Yeti is cardioid, bi-directional, omnidirectional, and stereo. All these features can be selected via the polar pattern adjustable knobs, and it is compatible with the computer operating system.

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4) Audio Technica At875r


Audio Technica AT87R is a very quiet shotgun microphone, and most ASMR video artists prefer to use short gun microphones for their excellent inline sound focus and also for their ability to knock off the axis noise. If you want things simple, the Audio Technica AT875R is the microphone for you. It produces rich sound and with a lot of clarity.

The Audio Technica AT875R is a simple, lightweight, and sturdy XLR microphone with a minimal acceptance field. The size of the receiver is what makes ASMR video artists love it. It measures about 7inches in length.

Unlike the USB microphones, Audio Technica AT875R does not have control knobs or switches and cannot be monitored for real-time recording. To properly use the microphone with different operating systems, you need to have an external XLR to USB adapter.

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5) Blue Yeti Nano


The Blue Yeti Nano is a well-crafted and calibrated microphone For ASMR sounds. This microphone recording clarity is excellent, and this makes it best for the podcast and streaming microphone. It has a radius of three shocks mounted on the surface, which dramatically enhances the recording accuracy of the Blue Yeti Nano microphone.

 This microphone is well built with a boom arm that makes it very stable, and you will never encounter vibrational noise with this microphone. Blue yeti produces quality sound 24bit/48kHZ with high vintage sound production. It is lightweight and suitable for vloggers because it is portable.

If you are looking for simplicity, this microphone is one of the simplest ever. It has a plug and play USB option, and it is compatible with the PC operating system. And this microphone is an excellent choice of a fixed budget-oriented ASMR production.

Blue Yeti Nano also has extra versatility; it has two polar patterns with various control knobs. Additionally, the mic stand has a well-designed swivel, which gives the capsule an ideal recording position. It is suitable for desktop recording.

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6) Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser Usb Microphone


The Blue Yeti X is a powerful condenser microphone. This microphone has excellent ASMR recording abilities. If you need a high-end microphone for creating professional ASMR content within your home or studio confines, this microphone will give you just that. It has a mounted LED metering device for monitoring real-time recording; this allows the user to adjust the microphone’s gain on the fly or mute it when needed.

The Blue Yeti X microphone has a Logitech G hub app that helps in harnessing the vocals. This microphone is needed excellent for ASMR recordings. The effects are perfectly designed to improve on the overall sound production. The mics are on perfect design that facilitates easy use and high performance in ASMR recordings. Blue Yeti X offers a legendary sound with great focus and clarity. It has a stereo mode that captures sound on the right and left in ASMR recordings.

 The design has four polar patterns that include ideal ASMR recording features, such as the omnidirectional. Besides the exemplary performance of the Blue Yeti X microphone. There are customizable LED lights that give the receiver a unique look. This is one of the best mics you will find when it comes to recording ASMR videos.

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7) Hyper X Quad Cast Condenser Microphone


The Hyper Quad Cast is primarily for gaming, and this is a condenser microphone with unique ASMR recording features. It has an exceptional gain control and an anti-shock vibration knob. If you want to create an immersive ASMR video content for your youtube channel, then the Hyper Quad Cast is the best pick for you.

The Hyper Quad Cast has robust polar patterns that allow you to switch between them seamlessly, and you can switch between its four polar patterns even when you are at the deep end of your recording. The Hyper Quad Cast microphone frequency range is between 20HZ to 20kHZ with a sensitivity of -35db.

The Hyper Quad Cast microphone comes with a long USB cable about 9.7ft long. This will give you the best acoustics experience in your studio. On the other hand, this microphone can record all the subtitles for top quality ASMR production. It has a volume locker underneath the main system and four patterns polar.

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8) Lyxpro Sdpc-2 Stereo Microphone


The LyxPro SDPC-2 is a new microphone for recording binaural ASMR videos. It is excellent for ASMR videos like water sound, whispering, scratching, and brushing.  Most ASMR artists have dual microphones for recording. Dual microphones help create stereo 3D studio effects, which becomes a challenge when you have to blend its two separate amplifiers.

The LyxPro SDPC-2 is from LyxPro’s SPC binaural microphone generation, and it is two microphones in one. The LyxPro SDPC-2 has a condenser and a standard XLR connector in the package. Unfortunately, there are no inbuilt controls on this microphone.

The LyxPro SDPC-2 model has three interchangeable capsules with unique polar patterns you can choose from omnidirectional and- cardioid. The package also comes with two microphones, two windscreens, smooth tilt clips, and a well-built aluminum case.

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9) Saramonic Uwmic9 Rx-xlr9


The Saramonic Uwmic9 Rx-XLR9 microphone is among the best microphones for recording ASMR videos, especially if you prefer an outfield recording. Among the recorded receivers in this list, you should highly consider buying it for quality recording. It is a portable dual-channel UHF wireless microphone that is simple to install and use.

 It has a feature that detects available channels, and you can synchronize the receiver with your operating systems for smooth operations. It offers vloggers a quality sound and a cost-effective UHF system. The package of Saramonic Uwmic9 Rx-XLR9 makes it stand out, and it comes with a headphone that helps you monitor the sound while recording.

This microphone also has an onboard control system with LED backlights that indicates various adjustments for volume and gain controls. The beauty with microphones that comes with headphones is that they ease your work, and you can do without external audio outputs. Unfortunately, this microphone requires an external USB. It has outstanding transmitters which have three selectable wireless mics.

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The world has been evolving, and new things come year after year. The tech would not have been left behind either, with technological advancements and innovations, sophisticated devices are emerging with the twinkle of an eye.

Nobody listens to coarse sound these days, and you have to be careful with the choice of the microphone that you make. Your receiver will have a lot to do with your vocals and the overall output of your recording. Purchasing any of this reviewed ASMR microphones will not disappoint you.

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