Best Clip On Microphones In 2023

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A  Clip On microphone is an essential tool for most content creators. In addition to a device that serves several audio recording functions such as speech recording, music, and other communications, it can also be attached to clothes and other materials.

However, with plenty of choices in the market, you’ve probably been wondering which is the best clip on microphones in the market.

 Read, and we will reveal it to you and other great choices.

A good clip-on microphone clip-on mic should ideally attach easily to fabric, record voice from one direction, and filter all the noises. Very ideal for interview videos, research projects, and filmmaking.

The Comparison Table


Boya By – M1


Audio Technical ATR 3350


Giant Squid Microphone


Fifine Technology USB Lavalier Lapel Microphone


Olympus ME – 15 Microphone


Rode Smartlav+

Our Top Pick: Best Clip On Microphone- BOYA BY – M1

After hours and hours of research and testing, we found the BOYA BY – M1 to be the very best clip-on microphone today. This mic delivers top-notch sound. It is built with the idea of recording one person and filtering noise in mind. It is also a multipurpose tool that works seamlessly with various types of recording equipment such as video cameras, smartphones, camcorders, PCs, and more without any additional adapters. The mic is light at only 2.5 grams and its power supply is at 18 grams only. Good for podcasting, interviews, and light video production. The disadvantage is that it requires the Requires LR44 battery which needs to be changed regularly.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Clip-on Microphones

Clip On Microphones is the most vibrant clip-on microphones for sale that have various tonal balances, audio signals, and amplitudes. Some clip-on models are fitted with protective covers and caps.

  • Check on whether the mic comes with the common 3.5mm input when choosing a clip-on microphone for your computer, phone, camera, or video camera. Similarly, the camera and phone input should be distinct because Smartphone connectors are used in headphones’ audio output.
  • Acquiring an adapter with TPRS or TRS connectors will ensure all device’s buttonholes will operate seamlessly. The universal buttonhole Mic is the best pick that will work with video cameras and Smartphones without having to install various adapters. However, in cases where the device package includes a clip for mounting and protection against extraneous noise from wind, this will impact the recording quality positively.
  • The cord length should also be considered based on the residing situation because in most cases it’s only convenient when the cable is quite short.
  • Users should pay attention to the frequency range where the wider the better. Device weight and dimensions are also useful. The two values are better when smaller, otherwise it will stand against clothing conspicuously.
  • In cases where the user feels that the wired version is not suitable for them, it’s good to choose the radio tab fitted with a transmitter.
  • When it comes to battery, it is wise to choose long a lasting battery, otherwise, the Mic might stop working when needed most. Additionally, frequent battery purchases will attract considerable expenses.

Why Clip On Microphones?

Let’s look at other names of Clip On Mics; they are also known as a lapel, lavalier or body mic based on how they are used. I am very certain that you know it is a small-sized microphone that users clip onto their clothes, mostly on the collar or lapel.

It is highly advisable to acquire a clip on the mic when filming a video that involves one speaker for easy audio recording. This microphone can be strategically or discretely located on the user’s mouth because of its small size.

 In line with that, it is easy to capture your voice without having to pick up the background noise. It is easy to conceal the subject’s clothing and make them appear more natural and candid during records. The clip-on mics are hand free in nature which makes them more comfortable for use specifically during shooting.

6 Best Clip-On Microphones

Below, we have created a list of the best clip on Mics available in the market. This was based on extensive research and testing by audio experts.  Analyze them and select the clip on that best suits your budget, interest, and needs.

1) Boya By – M1


This is an outstanding Lavalier microphone with the best clip ever. The clip is ideal for supporting this microphone. It serves the following purposes; PC, Audio recorders, Camcorders, DSLR, and smartphone connectivity, ideal for video use.

The BOYA BY – M1 features an Omni directional feature, for 360 degrees coverage. It also conveys an integrated 20” cable with a gold plug of 3.5mm that connects directly to Android Smartphones and most cameras. This Mic conveys a versatile system that is easy to use and set up. It also develops quality audio output.

This microphone has the ability to detect sounds that ranges between 65 – 1800Hz. High sensitivity levels are evident that range around -30dB which permits users to record and pick up faint sounds. BOYA BY – M1 is also applicable when shooting video with Smartphones, DSLRs,s or tablets.

Its noise reduction levels are evident and range at a good level. Based on experts and tests, BOYA BY M1 is the best pick based on price and quality. Although it barely is used for professional undertakings is ideal for those people who are starting. This clip-on Mic is ideal for recording, various podcasts, video blogs, and presentations. It is exclusively focused on recording an individual person.

BOYA BY M1 has an added advantage over other microphones because of its versatility. It is ideal for Smartphones, special recording devices, and video cameras. Again, this model does not require the user to go for additional adapters. Thus, the user only requires to press the special level button to switch to another mode.

It conveys circular orientation for a condenser microphone with a frequency range of 65 Hz – 18 kHz. The BOYA microphone weighs around 2.5 grams and 18 grams for the power supply that works with a camera. The wire is also notably around 6 meters. The BOYA BY M1 is fitted with a distinct clothespin. In short, most regular users and bloggers recommend these microphones in giving their views

Products Highlights

  • DSLR, PC, Audio recorders, Camcorders, and Mic clips for Smartphones.
  • Omni indicator condenser microphone.
  • Condenser made of robust materials that are ideal for video use.
  • Low levels of handling noise.
  • Includes ¼” adapter, windscreen, foam, LR44 battery, and lapel clip.

 Microphone Use

  • For PC, Audio recorders, Camcorders, and DSLRs; Put on the microphone and press the ON button.
  • For smartphones; power off the microphone and press the button Smartphone/OFF.

2) Audio Technical ATR 3350

The ATR 3350 miniature microphone is ideal for video use. Perfect for instructors, sports, dance, and aerobics. The Dual – Mono of 1/8” output plug connects to DSLR and video camera. It also connects with a handheld audio recorder stereo for 1/8” input in recording audio in both right and left channels.


Audio Technical ATR 3350 Review

The ATR 3350 is similar to BOYA BY M1 based on its characteristics and skills. They are notably referred to as twins. However, if examined closely there are lots of notable differences, that show how the ATR 3350 clip-on is worth attention. The ATR 3350 price range is average which is neither low nor high. This is one of the best clip-on microphones.

Its recordings are unique with almost no noise and extraneous sounds. Thus, thereafter the user will only require to do less or minimal processing. The omnidirectional and condenser allow minimal tune for tuning. It is specifically designed for use in video cameras.

Although, in cases where users purchase a special adapter, this device can be used with a Smartphone or tablet. There is a lever that allows the user to switch between different modes. The frequency range is 50Hz – 18 kHz. The ATR 3350 microphone weighs around 6 grams.

In cases where the user is able to secure a 6 meters cord, they can comfortably work with a distance camera. It is also powered by an LR44 microphone battery. According to buyer reviews, there is no single battery indicator that interferes with ATR 335 battery use.

3) Giant Squid Microphone


The giant squid clip microphone has a small model size, durable, and has higher fidelity. This Mic can be mounted discretely. They are mainly designed for easy portability during audio records.

The Giant Squid can also be used with console recorders or racks for home and studio use. With Giant Squid, you can comfortably conduct shows, perform a concert, and make films. The microphone level is distinct when compared to other models. Thus, the giant squid microphone can be regarded as one of the best clips that is ideal for video and audio records.

4) Fifine Technology USB Lavalier Lapel Microphone


FIFINE TECHNOLOGY is a USB and PC microphone for Windows computers and Mac that is optimized for Skype chats, YOUTUBE podcasting, Voice Overs, Streaming Twitch, and recording.

Products Highlights

  • Fuss-free setups, with plug–and–play design, and driver free when installing a USB microphone appear a breeze.
  • Quality sound, that is ideal for gaming, streaming, and podcasting microphone records.             
  •   Easy to immerse the audience with warmer, richer, and clearer sound records
  • Portable and flexible, FIFINE TECHNOLOGY is made of detachable desktop and metallic microphone constructs.
  • Vocal microphone, this is a multipurpose Mic that works great with Discord, VoIP program, push to talk, Skype, Dxtory, sound forge, and Audacity.
  • Streaming and live monitoring microphone, which is ideal for live performance lets the user monitor their voice when streaming without remarkable delay.

However, in cases where the user realizes that the Mic does not record sounds or has stopped working abruptly. It is advisable to refer to settings, privacy, Microphone, and lastly select settings that permit Apps to access this device.

Details and Features

  • Flat and smooth frequency responses that range between 50 Hz – 15 kHz, 16 mm base for catching high frequency and transient content. This is delivered in potentially warmer, round, and slightly fuller sounds. Ideal for Twitch games streaming, Voice work, gaming, and podcasting.
  • A big diaphragm condenser microphone that enhances ease of record and quality sound capture. It is ideal for video calls, streaming, podcasting, and all other recordings.
  • The USB microphone for smartphone records is fitted with a 3.5mm headphones jack that allows users to listen to their recording without notable delays and in real time. It is ideal for VOIP calls, Skype, Conferences, internet radios, podcasts, and video voice-overs.
  • The volume control enhances easy level adjustment input. 
  • It features removable metal construction and a low-profile design that ensures portability and flexibility. Easy to arrange PC Mic stand with detachable stand tubes that are about 1.97 to 4.65 inches. Heavy and thick plate base is removable without falling on other equipment.
  • The USB cables support a high speed of about 6.56”.USB cables that are double shielded to reduce interference. The meticulously designed connections ensure high communication speed for data. Seamless and instant connectivity is appropriate for USB Mic.

5) Olympus ME – 15 Microphone


The Olympus ME 15 microphone is a lightweight and small microphone that the user can conveniently clip on a collar or tie. This microphone can also be fixable under a shirt or jacket for undercover concealment.

Olympus ME – 15 Review

The Olympus is ideal for digital voice recordings. The main advantage of its price is based on the quality of this microphone. In most cases, the price is quite higher for similar models. However, it is a reliable microphone that is worth the price.

It is hard to identify a competitor worthy of the Olympus clip-on Microphone. This microphone is quite sensitive and of circular orientation. It is mounted on the clip with a wireless communication channel. Thus, Olympus is a reliable microphone that blends well with different brands of high-quality items.

6) Rode Smartlav+


This emerged as our sixth-best microphone. Rode SmartLav + is unique because it is mainly built for phones and tablets. For those using iOS, there is a phone app for this microphone for a better experience.

This mic is considered to be the smaller brother of the renowned Rode SmartLav. However, one should note that it does not perform as well as its elder brother. Thus it is advisable to be sure this is the device that best suits you.

In addition to phones and tablets, this clip-on mic also works with camcorders and DSLR cameras but one has to acquire a special adapter. If you don’t adapt, this is not the mic for you. But for creators who use their smartphones, this works perfectly fine.

You will be surprised to learn that this mic was made in Australia. However, the company was initially started in Sweden and moved to the country. They went ahead and grew the brand even further after maintaining quality. Rode has for several years taken top positions in microphone competitions.

Rode Smartlav+ Review

Its sound quality is consistent, especially on mobile devices. It allows one to record some deep and rich sound while filtering out noise. It is a wired circular condenser mic which enables it to deliver quality sound.

It weighs just 6 grams including the clip making it ideal for clothes. It operates in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Essential Information about Clip-on Microphones

High-quality and small clip-on microphones are diminishing drastically in the current market. The clip-on Mics appear simple and have the amount and ahead. The capacitor is a vital part of the clip-on because it operates as a studio microphone. However, the recording quality varies based on price and characteristics.

The clip microphones are divided into radio and wired. The radio clip-on is quite expensive although they are not required during records. It is vital to note that a wide scope of recording ensures deeper and better sounds.

Final Thoughts

The fact that a Microphone is a device that is developed primarily to convert emitted sound waves into digitalized electrical variations that are then amplified, transmitted, and finally recorded. Users who are willing to purchase these devices should then go for clip-on mics that are portable and easy to fix on clothes. Not only that, these devices are simple and easy to handle and some of them are packed with detachable stands that are ideal for conferences and studio records.

The clip-on, Mics serve as a transducer device that transforms energy forms. That is the sound waves to audio signals. Although various types of microphones convert energy in different ways but are all fitted with a diaphragm. However, clip-on Mics are advantageous because they are accompanied by clips that assist in offering support.

Just like other forms of microphones, a clip-on enables audio recording for speech recording, music, and other communication purposes. Summarily, clip-on Mics are essential because they offer users the idea of how their sound is being recorded. They also assist in determining dynamic range, signal and noise ratio, self-noise, and input sound level.

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