Best Microphones for Drums 2022

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Acquiring the appropriate Microphones for drums is a difficult task. It is even confusing for experienced engineers and musicians to choose the right microphone to use.

Here is a look at the Best Microphones For Drums:



Audio-Technica is one of the most popular brands that provide high-quality drum mics. AE2500 is a Dynamic/Electret Kick-drum Microphone with two elements; a dynamic and condenser with a capsule on the sides that make it an ideal drum mic. The capsule enables the user to inherent sound character creating desired kick drum sound.

The Microphone has a metallic body with an anthracite grey bottom and long connector of 5/8 inch of stand mount thread and a 3/8-inch adaptor. It is usually pointed to the source of the sound. -Audio Technica AE2500 has a five-meter cable with five-pin XLR on the microphone end and the other three on the stage box. The microphone body has recessed switches that provide a signal to the internal capsule preamp.

The collar of the Mic has a pliable rubber isolating a specific degree of vibration. The Microphone weighs 390grams and measures 165x55mm. Most studio and sound engineers use this product since many suppliers, including Amazon, professionally test it. purchasing this mic will give you studio-quality sound that will replicate your drum kit sounds in the most accurate way.

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Miktek Pm11


Miktek PM11 is a dynamic microphone with a super-cardioid engineered suitably to be used on a kick drum. It has a coil cartridge consisting of neodymium and AMI output transformer. The cartridge has a labyrinth on the backside, increasing the rear rejection and gaining before feedback. The Microphone does not produce any exaggerated scoop creating a more natural sound. A Miltek PM11 microphone will perform best if you attach it to toms, bass, and kicks.

The physical features include an integrated swivel mount, which positions the Microphone upright, reliable steel grille, and durable die-cast body making perfectly fit for all stage applications. You can set it on the traditional microphones stand or customize it to the way and angle you need it. These microphones can accommodate the loudest drummers and bass guitar amps. It has an ultra-sleeks sliver finish and steel and black appointments, making it more attractive and classier. It also provides a solid foundation enabling it to record drum sounds on a studio or live performance.

The Microphone has a full and robust frequency response having the bass drum reinforced entirely to the sound applications. Miktek microphones will offer you high sound and build clear recordings.

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Audix D6 Dynamic


Audix D6 Dynamic is a high rated dynamic microphone that has stylish black designs and classy look. It is used in the big studios, stages, as well as broadcast applications. The microphone design makes it work best if you place it near floor toms, bass drums, or bass cabs. It has a comprehensive frequency response else it can take hold of very high sound pressure levels without being screeched or deformed.

The Audix is made of an aluminum body, etched laser model, steel mesh grill, a swift craft XLR connector including a tension fit heavy-duty nylon microphone clip. It is designed with no transformer, low impedance, and balanced output to allow interference. Audix is the best microphone to use when making equipment that requires extended low-frequency reproductions, for instance, the base cabinets and large toms.

Audix D6 gives experiences of high-quality sounds with clear playback. It is equipped with a diaphragm providing good transient feedback whenever you quickly hit the kick the drums, offering the best, accurate quality recordings. This audit is portable, making it easy to move it from one place to another, and be placed anywhere around the drum kit.

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Neumann Km184mt Cardioid Studio Condenser


Neumann is a type of drum microphones with a remarkable reputation inside and outside the world of drum microphones. It is well known for its use with acoustic guitars for it excels as a spot microphone for instruments. You can use it for home recordings and use it as an overhead mic or a spot or in a stereo pair.

KM184 is slender in shape and has a tonal balance and powered by a phantom. A piece of the microphones come with a case, windscreen, and a stand. The mic genuinely records crystal clear sounds without rustles, crackles, and distortions despite what you play. Since the microphone is very sensitive, it allows you to concentrate on what and how you play, making sure you record the best parts. It is best to record when it is necessary to attenuate off-axis sound from the instruments close to it.

The mic can handle sound pressure of up to 138dB. It also has high protection against the electromagnetic interferences which occur while recording. In addition to that, this microphone provides a low dc from the high voltage ac without the help of a transformer or inductor, hence having a transformerless circuitry. This microphone is among the receivers sought by the professionals for quality design. They are reliable and giving the best recording for your drums.

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Shure Sm57-lc Cardioid Dynamic


Most of the best quality microphones present in the music industry nowadays are the Shure’s microphone. Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic is a powerful saxophone with notes flowing from the instrument that connects the audience on a visceral level, whether on stage or studio. It is warm, produces a clean sound with its contoured presence making it capable of working with a wide range of music applications, drums, and guitar amplifiers.

The Shure microphone is durable under the most substantial uses and can last for a couple of years. This microphone has a contoured frequency response making it the best for luxurious vocal pickup. Also, it contains a pickup pattern that focuses on a specific source and rejects audio from the outside area.

The SM57 captures high-quality sounds from the instruments near it and amplifiers. Besides being able to produce tones, it is also made in such a way that it can handle the powerful sounds which explode from the amplifiers and the instruments, making it the best mic to use when recording high volume instruments like the drums.

The mic has a fixed cardioid pick up norms, which separates the primary source while decreasing the background noise. This makes it a perfect choice for reproducing the natural sound produced by your drum set.

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Sennheiser E604 Dynamic


E604 is a Sennheiser product with a compact and comfortable design and easily place anywhere suitable for it to sit and do its work. It is a cardioid microphone that is optimized for use on drum sets, toms, and snares. It comes with a pivoting mount that screws directly onto mic stands or to the drum rims making its setup efficient.

Also, it possesses the transparent and stabilized low distortion waves from it to the studio condenser microphone. The E604 has a light voice coil that supplies an enlarged high frequency and vigorous outcomes. It is strengthened with a glassy body whose work is to get hold of the knocks and shocks and suppress the impact noise.

It can control sounds with high-pressure levels over 160dB and does not have any distortions. This microphone is simple to set up and apprehend the little sounds made and provide transparent and brief audio of the drumming period. It is very transferable and can be clipped in any type of rim.

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Beyerdynamic Tg-d58c


Beyerdynamic TG-D58C is an affordable option drum microphone that provides you with quality sound. In terms of features and designs, a gooseneck is accompanied by a gooseneck, which is already added in the cost, making it flexible, angled, and compact. It has a clamp to set it in a suitable position, whether on snare drums or standing toms.

This mic also possesses an elastic capsule suspension on the capsule housing, which protects it against damages made by the drum sticks strikes. It has a wide transmission range allowing it to capture more sounds. TG-D58C has an improved signal to noise ratio providing the very authentic reproduction of the drum kit sounds.

This mic can work on high levels, with a phantom powering of 44 volts. When you use this microphone, you are assured of a high-level accuracy and a high maximum sound pressure level despite its power. This mic is as close as you can get to -natural reproduction of the sounds from your drum kit.

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Shure Beta 52a Dynamic


Shure BETA 52A Dynamic is a different type of Shure’s microphones with a broader mounting base. It includes 20 microphone cable and a stand. Shure BETA is designed to be a dynamic high-performance megaphone with frequency feedback made for a specific purpose for bass drums and various bass equipment.

The mic gives a clear and high-quality sound at enormously high sound pressure levels. It also has an amended super-cardioid design within its frequency span to guarantee a higher return before the response. This microphone has a shock mount which rejects the unwanted sounds. The hard steel mesh prevents the receivers from wearing out or breaking. This is used to give high-quality performances with drum kits.

It also possesses an upright adapter with a large XLR connector, making it easy to put the microphone in place, especially when it has to be laid down in the bass drum. This base makes it be in position hence avoiding slipping when sharp blows and powerful vibrations are present.

Additionally, it owns a contoured frequency response, modified to capture signals with low frequencies, making it the most suitable for bass drum and the electric bass registering. It also handles the SPL and provides a low-frequency bass punch.

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In a nutshell, there are wide ranges of high-quality microphones with fair prices in the market. But getting the perfect drum microphone for your activity can be devastating and tiresome. This article will give you tips on the drum microphones to choose which marinated with your needs. Before getting a micro, check the features and specs of each and get information that helps its functionality and customization. Make sure you read the review, pros, and cons of each drum microphone before purchasing it.

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