Best Microphones For Canon Cameras

Best Microphones For Canon Cameras

Canon is a company that’s been at the forefront of creating cameras for decades now. Buying a Canon camera assures you that you will enjoy a high-quality user experience. However, sometimes, you may be forced to film outdoors, or in noisy surroundings. As such, your camera may not capture the voice of your subject well, forcing you to get an exterior microphone to boost the sound production.

Considering that Canon has different types of cameras, you may have to pick varying mics for each model, depending on the specifications that each camera has or lacks. Here is a review of five of the best microphones to use on your Canon camera.

Our Top PickRode Video Mic Go

The Rode video mic Go is a versatile device that works on any camera. First of all, it picks up sounds precisely, an aspect that every Vlogger would appreciate.

And when it comes to precision, you can count on this microphone to mute sounds from the surrounding, while amplifying that of the speaker.

More so, it is one of the mics that work well with Canon DSLR cameras. This device also performs perfectly on other cameras.

If you choose to buy this item, you should note that it works better in recording dialogues as opposed to music.

Comparison Table

 The article below samples five of the best microphones that you can use on your Canon camera. To start, we have come up with a table that compares these five options so that you can have an overview of each microphone’s speculations.

NameFeatures Price
Rode Video Mic Go-Supercardioid polar pattern
-100Hz-16kHz frequency range
-Noise level 34dBA
-Sound output 3.5mm jack
-Bipolar output buffer and impedance converter (JFET)
 Check Price
Takstar SGC – 598 Interview Microphone-Battery-powered
-Shock-resistant design
-Cardioid microphone
-High sensitivity condenser of up to 10dB200Hz -Low attenuation
Check Price
Movo VXR10 Universal Microphone-Cardioid polar pattern
-Compatible with all Canon cameras
-Battery-free design
Check Price
Neewer CM14 Microphone-Uni-directional
-Long-range recording distance(1 Meter)
-Battery-free design
-110dB input sound pressure
-1.0-10Vdc operating voltage range
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BOYA by M1 Lavalier Microphone-Lavalier microphone
-Electret condenser
-Omnidirectional microphone
-74dB noise
-(LR44)3.5mm output connection
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Top 5 Microphones to Use on Canon Cameras

Finding a high-quality microphone, especially one that works well with your Canon microphone, can be daunting. Do you know why? It is because there are two types of Canon cameras, which have varying specifications.

If you are new to mics, the task can prove to be even more draining, considering that several productions flood the market, making it even more tricky for you to choose from the thousands of available mic options.

You need to know a few basics that will help you sift between the excellent and unreliable microphones. For instance, you need to choose a mic that is suitable for either an instant or a DRSL Canon camera.

Overall, you have to ensure that the microphone you choose produces high-quality sound, is interference-free, and has shock-absorbing properties. Let us take a closer look at what these five cameras have to offer the avid Canon user.

Rode VideoMic Go

Rode VideoMic Go

An avid Vlogger realizes that there is an importance of using a high-quality camera. Not only do yo get noise-free, perfect sound outputs, but you also enjoy a smooth production process.  

Quick Summary

  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • 100Hz-16kHz frequency range
  • Noise level 34dBA
  • Sound output 3.5mm jack
  • Bipolar output buffer and impedance converter (JFET)

The Rode VideoMic Go is a shotgun microphone, which is designed to pick up voices that are in front of it, which means that the mic is more of an outdoor device.

Why is this a top pick?

Polar pattern

The mic has a super-cardioid polar pattern, which means that it is only sensitive to sounds that are directly in front of it. So, you can conduct interviews without worrying that the mic will pick up other voices in the environment other than that of the panel members.


Of all the microphones produced by Rode, this is the one with the least weight. At 2.56 ounces, you can carry this mic everywhere, and you wouldn’t feel the impact of its bulk.

Anti-interference and noise reduction

Both external and internal noise can cause the quality of your audio to reduce significantly, which is why this mic has anti-interference properties. The shock mount, for example, keeps the mic in place to avoid handling noise.

When it comes to stability, the integrated cold shoe ensures that the mic is secured in one position anywhere you place it.

Ease of use

Don’t you hate it when you get a microphone that has hundreds of cables, which you cannot figure out how to use? Well, you can say goodbye to troublesome recordings now that this mic has a single cable, which you plug into your camera and viola! You can start recording your dialogues. More so, you do not require a battery to power-up this mic. Just plug it into the camera, and you are good to go.


  • The mic is very sensitive to sounds directly in front of it
  • It works well with Nikon DLSR cameras
  • The audio produced is of superior quality
  • You do not need a manual that shows you how to operate it
  • For shock absorption purposes, it comes with a solid shock mount and cold shoe


  • The wire is relatively short, especially when you are using a bigger rig

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Takstar SGC – 598 Interview Microphone

Takstar SGC – 598 Interview Microphone

You only have to take one glance at this camera to know that it is a stable one. Once all its shock-absorbing tools are set up, you notice that they leave no room for shock-induced disruptions during the recording.

Quick Summary

  • Battery-powered
  • Shock-resistant design
  • Cardioid microphone
  • High sensitivity condenser of up to 10dB
  • 200Hz low attenuation

Like the Rode mic, this Takstar is directional; however, it is less sensitive to sounds coming from its rear end.

Why this is a top pick

Polar pattern

This microphone boasts of a cardioid polar design, which means that you only get to hear the voice that’s right in front of the mic. Anything that’s coming from the mic’s rear end is muted so that you can enjoy a noise-free production.


This microphone boosts the sensitivity to 10dB. So, you do not have to eat the mic for your voice to be heard. And in case you place the mic in front of a loud instrument, you do not have to worry about its sound being overly loud. Pair up this feature with the cardioid polar pattern, and you have a perfect microphone to use in interviews.

Low attenuation

Sometimes, you may have to interview a person who’s voice is as loud as an amplifier. And you know what happens when a loud sound hits the mic? Your audio may have distorted sections. The low attenuation pad minimizes the signal strength to keep the sound at normal levels.

Warranty enabled

Are you worried about buying this mic? Maybe because you’ve purchased some Canon camera mics before and they disappointed you? Well, you can take chances with this one considering that it has a warranty, which assures you that this is a high-quality product.


Whether you are recording indoors or outside, there are bound to be moments when you hit the camera as you handle it. This is why you get a mic that has a stable shock mount. It allows you to take videos without worrying about the impact of sound vibrations on the final creation.


  • Comes with a warranty
  • Sensitivity and low attenuation
  • It can shade electromagnetic interference
  • Indicates when the battery is almost out


  • Runs on batteries

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Movo VXR10 Universal Microphone

Movo VXR10 Universal Microphone

At times, you may be looking for a microphone, whose value exceeds the price at which you got it. Not only do you get several support items, but the mic also is compatible with several mics, and it can be used in both musical and dialogue productions.

Quick summary

  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Compatible with all Canon cameras
  • Light weight
  • Warranty-enabled
  • Battery-free design

Why this is a top pick


Whether you have an instant, DSLR, fixed, or interchangeable camera, this mic will work well with it. The microphone comes with a camera cable that enables you to connect to any Canon camera of your choice.


In case you experience any technical issues after purchasing this mic, you can have them quickly sorted with the help of this warranty. Contact the customer support team, and they will be more than glad to help you solve your woes.


One feature that sets this microphone apart is the fact that it’s made using aluminium. What this means is that the mic can withstand several falls, and still work perfectly.


Say goodbye to batteries, now that this mic has a battery-free design. Thanks to a camera cable that comes as part of the package, you can attach the mic to your camera, and it will start working instantly.

Great volume

Surprisingly, this microphone has high volume levels, making it the perfect choice for outdoor interviews and recording music. Just ensure that you adjust the volume to suit the purpose.


  • You get a warranty that takes care of technical errors
  • The mic has a comprehensive support hardware package
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Compatible with all Canon cameras
  • Easily portable, as it comes with a pouch


  • The shock mount is made of feeble plastic

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Neewer CM14 Microphone

Neewer CM14 Microphone

Sometimes, all you may be looking for is a microphone that supplements your camera’s mic. Nothing fancy or expensive, just a mic that picks up sound. You do not have to break the bank when buying this mic, and better yet, you still get to enjoy good quality sound outputs.

Quick Summary

  • Uni-directional
  • Long-range recording distance(1 Meter)
  • Battery-free design
  • 110dB input sound pressure
  • 1.0-10Vdc operating voltage range

Why this is a top pick


Thanks to the microphone’s high sensitivity to sound, you do not have to stay to close to it for your voice to be heard. You can move a few paces back and still enjoy good-quality sound outputs. However, you may need to stay in a noise-free environment for you to enjoy using this mic.


This is one of the mics that are easy to use, now that you only have to plug it into your camera, using the 3.5mm output cable. This tiny microphone works by using your camera’s power. So you should ensure that your camera is fully charged if you want to use it together with this device.


While this mic does not come with a shock mount, it has a small cold shoe that keeps it stable when you are recording. This arm-shaped support is made using plastic, so you may need to get additional support if you are going to record your production outside.

Wide compatibility

While this microphone is excellent with DLSR Canon cameras, it can still be used on other camera variations. However, if your camera has a 6.3mm audio outlet, you may have to find a connector cable so that you can use this device.


This microphone is the cheapest in this review. Better yet, you get a big several hardware support items such as the furry windscreen, foam cover, 3.5mm output cable, and a 3.5mm TRRS cable. It is the true definition of a bargain.


  • It is cost-effective
  • Compatible with different types of cameras
  • The windscreen and foam cover are highly effective
  • Improves the sound quality
  • It comes with a comprehensive package


  • The volume is a bit too low

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BOYA by M1 Lavalier Microphone

BOYA by M1 Lavalier Microphone

Unlike all the above mics, this is a lavalier microphone, which you have to clip to your shirt or jacket so it can pick up the voice of the speaker or instrument. This factor alone may limit the user from moving about, but this is a small price to pay in exchange for superior quality.

Quick Summary

  • Lavalier microphone
  • Electret condenser omnidirectional microphone
  • 74dB noise
  • Battery-powered (LR44)
  • 3.5mm output connection

Why this is a top pick

Sound quality

This is a condenser microphone, which means that it is very sensitive to noise. It picks up any sound that is directed towards it. As such, you are sure that the quality of the sound produced is high. You may want to adjust the mic accordingly so that you don’t end up with distorted sound.

Polar pattern

This microphone by BOYA is omnidirectional. Therefore, you can expect the mic to pick up sounds directed to it, and those coming from the sides.  So, if you want to record an acapella, this mic is perfect for this task, thanks to this feature.

Low handling noise

Now that this is a clip-on microphone, you do not need to worry about handling noise. Once you clip it on the collar, it won’t move. Not unless the speaker is shaking fervently like an earthquake, you have nothing to worry about.

Needs no mounting

All other mics in this review require the user to have some support before they can use it. However, this one comes attached to a clip, which you can use to secure the microphone in place so you can use for the session.


  • Long cable, you can use the mic up to 8-feet away
  • High-quality sound
  • Omnidirectional, condenser microphone
  • You get value for your money
  • It is light


  • The mic’s volume is low

Check BOYA by M1 Lavalier Microphone Price


Now you do not have to spend hours trying to find the microphone that best suits your needs. You have a selection of five of the best that will work correctly on your Canon camera. You need to choose well, so you do not end up with an item that has a quality that you would rather not overlook. Also, you may want to consider the make of the microphone before getting one. If your recording session entails a lot of movements, you may want to skip on the lavalier microphone, now that the cord will limit your movement.

Also, if you want to use the mic for an interview, it is wise to avoid the omnidirectional microphone because you will end up with noisy audios. Opt for one who’s polar pattern is centred on the voice at the front.

Finally, when choosing a mic for your Canon camera, opt for one that’s within your spending budget. And if the mic has to be an expensive one, ensure that it has a warranty cover.

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