Best Microphones For Metal Vocals In 2022

Best Microphones For Metal Vocals

If you are a music producer, you understand the need to find microphones that suit the varying genres of music. Metal rock, for instance, is a genre that’s characterized by constant screaming, shouting, and squealing. As such, any producer who wants to venture into this kind of production should select mics that have a high … Read more

Why Does My Mic Make A Screeching Noise?

If you’re reading this, there are high odds that you have experienced an annoying screeching sound coming from a microphone – at one point or another. This screech is referred to as audio feedback, as we are going to refer to it through the remainder of this article. Your first response after hearing audio feedback … Read more

What Is The Screen In Front Of A Microphone?


The screen in front of a microphone is called a pop shield or a pop screen, which acts as noise protection for microphones. It’s typically used in recording studios and it serves to reduce or rather eliminate the popping sounds caused by fast-moving air during recording. How the Pop Shield Works A pop shield is … Read more

Best USB Microphones In 2022

Best USB Microphones

USB mics are becoming an invaluable tool for professionals on the go. They have become so popular because of their convenience. They have simple plug-and-play connectivity with built-in preamps as well as internal analog to digital converters. Therefore, one does not need to buy a lot of equipment to get high-quality recordings on a computer, … Read more

Best Over The Ear Microphones 2022

Best Over The Ear Microphones

Gone is the era when event hosts and speakers used to hold bulky microphones while addressing congregations. Thanks to technology, smaller but equally dynamic microphones have graced the market. These wireless devices amplify your voice and connect wirelessly to your sound system with the help of UHF, VHF, or Wifi connections. In case you are … Read more

Best Microphones For Smartphones


Smartphone microphones are incredibly worthy tools for enhanced video and audio records. Fortunately, we use our smartphones regularly to record quick videos. For the best results, it is highly advisable to attach a mic to a smartphone for better audio quality. This review gives a hint on the best mics for smartphones available today. Microphones … Read more