Best Headset Microphones For Recording Audio

Best Headset Microphones For Recording Audio

Recording clean audios begin with selecting the most effective microphones for the task. You need to ask yourself critical questions that will guide your purchase. For instance: How frequently do I record audios? What type of headset microphone do I want? What is the purpose of these recordings? How many funds am I willing to … Read more

Best Dynamic Microphones For Streaming In 2022

Best Dynamic Microphones For Streaming

Live streaming is popular among a vast number of internet users. In the wake of product reviewers, internet sensationals, Vloggers, and upcoming singers, streaming has become one of the ways that these groups of people eke a living for themselves. With is in mind, they have to choose their work tools carefully if they want … Read more

Best Clip On Microphones In 2022

Best Clip On Microphones

A  Clip On microphone is an essential tool for most content creators. In addition to a device that serves several audio recording functions such as speech recording, music, and other communications, it can also be attached to clothes and other materials. However, with plenty of choices in the market, you’ve probably been wondering which is … Read more

Best ASMR Microphones In 2022

Best ASMR Microphones

ASMR videos have revolutionized the world with stimulating sounds. When you take a quick search online, you will be mesmerized by how millions of people worldwide have shifted their attention to this new revolution. Usually, the ASMR videos include binaural sound, whispers, and to a greater extent, a defined ambient noise. Nowadays, even the most … Read more

Blue Snowball Vs Blue Yeti In 2022

Blue Snowball Vs Blue Yeti

As you prepare your podcasting or you-tube gear, one essential item that you should pay close attention to is to have a good quality microphone. As audio options continue to grow in popularity, there is a considerable number of options that you can choose to use. Among the options, one microphone brand stands out due … Read more

Best Microphones For Busking 2022

Best Microphones For Busking

Busking much like beatboxing is a great way to create shared cultural experiences. For the best busking experience, you will require the best busking equipment. One piece of equipment a busker shouldn’t compromise on is the choice of microphone. The best microphone for busking makes it easy to project your sound to your audience. The buskers can use microphones to … Read more

Best Microphones for Drums 2022


Acquiring the appropriate Microphones for drums is a difficult task. It is even confusing for experienced engineers and musicians to choose the right microphone to use. Here is a look at the Best Microphones For Drums: Audio-technicaae2500 Audio-Technica is one of the most popular brands that provide high-quality drum mics. AE2500 is a Dynamic/Electret Kick-drum … Read more

Mxl-770 Vs. Mxl-990 Comparison


MXL is an established brand that has been in the microphone manufacturing domain for more than two decades. The brand has a huge inventory of premium microphones. Now, if you choose to use the MXL brand, it’s inevitable the microphone decision would at some point come down to MXL 770 or MLX 990. BRIEF OVERVIEW … Read more

Neumann U47 Vs U87 Microphone Review

Georg Neumann GmbH, famously known as the Neumann, is a German organization that was established in 1928. Over the years, it has accomplished practically renowned status as one of the leading microphone makers all over the world. Neumann’s microphones are recognized for their rich sound, extraordinary detail, and fantastic depth. Microphones have progressively improved from … Read more